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According to Digitimes, Samsung plans to launch 7-inch,  8-inch and 10.1-inch tablets as well as a series of ultrabooks in 2013 following its success gained with sales of smartphones.


The 7-inch and 10.1-inch tablets are both set to appear in retail channels in the first half of 2013 to avoid directly competing against any Apple devices that are estimated to come out in the second half of the year.  In addition to the 7-inch model with a US$149-199 price range, Samsung is also considering an 8-inch device with a price range between US$249-299 to fill the gap between its 7-inch tablet and entry-level iPad mini, which is priced at around US$329.


Samsung is estimated to have shipped 15 million tablets in 2012 and is aiming to ship 40 million units in 2013.




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The Samsung Galaxy Smart Dock makes it easy to take advantage your phone's high-speed internet connectivity and super-fast processor. Connect an HD monitor, external storage device, and USB keyboard and mouse to turn your smartphone into a productivity powerhouse. Make messaging, editing documents and accessing media files a breeze. Plug in your 3.5mm stereo audio components or speakers and you have the ultimate pocket-sized home theater and computer in one.

"Connect an HD monitor, external storage device, and USB keyboard and mouse to turn your smartphone into a productivity powerhouse. " Basically, turns your phone into a desktop computer. The smart dock has hdmi out, 3x usb ports, audio out and charging. For example, I can use this at work for internet surfing and not have all my activity logged into the company servers.

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 is scheduled to go on sale in Bulgaria sometime in late March. The news come from Bulgaria where local etailer Tablet.bg obtained both the price and release date of the Note 8.0. A Wi-Fi-only version of the Samsung's Galaxy Note 8.0 will launch at the price of some 699 Bulgarian leva, or the equivalent of 359 euro. In comparison, the iPad mini costs 349 euro for the 16GB Wi-Fi only version.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 is rumored to pack a quad-core 1.6 GHz Exynos CPU, 2 GB of RAM, a 1,280 x 800 pix res display, S Pen support, microSD and dual 5 MP/1.3 MP cameras.

Source: Tablet.bg

Last Thursday, it has been announced that the Samsung Galaxy S 4 will hit the stores on the third or fourth week of April but officials stayed mum about the pricing. However, at present their website hints at an approximate SRP of $579 for a 16 GB Galaxy S 4 but this might not be the net value.

Considering sales taxes, the Galaxy S 4 is still much cheaper than Apple's iPhone 5 and is quite close to how much the Galaxy S III was initially offered last year. We will surely be hearing about it soon from different carriers who would all want to be the first ones to announce their plans and packages for the Galaxy S 4.

Given a more affordable price than the iPhone 5, the Galaxy S 4 will really provide a tough competition to the iPhone 5 and even the upcoming HTC One.


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With the Samsung Galaxy S4 expected to be released at the end of this month, we aren't suprised at all that Galaxy S3 price has been dropped to $99 with 2 year contract.

It's actually a common practice for cellular carriers, manufacturers and retailers to drop the prices of older devices leading up to a big product launch. This allows them to sell as much inventory as possible to those who would prefer a better deal as opposed to newer device.

So will you buy the low priced Samsung Galaxy S3 or wait for the Galaxy S4, it's only $100 more.

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