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If you are wondering which carrier will be offering the BlackBerry Z10, it's Verizon, see screenshot above for a screenshot.  Twitter user "evleaks," who has a solid track record of leaking accurate details and images of unreleased smartphones, published a purported screenshot from Verizon Wireless (VZ) on Friday.

The document confirms some details we already know - RIM's (RIMM) first full-touch BlackBerry 10 phone will be called the BlackBerry Z10 and will feature 4G LTE, among other specs - and it also confirms Verizon will support the handset.

The BlackBerry Z10 rumored to feature a 4.2-inch 1280x768 display as well as 8-megapixel rear and 2-megapixel front cameras, and unsurprisingly, it'll also feature 4G LTE connectivity on Verizon's network. There's still no word on exactly when Verizon customers will actually be able to get their paws on their very own Z10, but hey, at least now they can be extra sure that it's coming. 

If you are with Verizon, would you consider getting the BlackBerry Z10?  

Good news for BB OS fans. BlackBerry Z10 has just been launched on Verizon for only $199.99 for a 2-year contract. The touchscreen smartphone is available online and on Verizon outlets.

This 4-incher features a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor that clocks in at 1.5 GHz, 2GB RAM, is LTE-enabled, 16GB internal plus expandable memory, and an 8MP back camera.

On the other hand, some Verizon competitors will also be offering the device to their clients. First up is AT&T, which offers the same plan as Verizon. Sprint has not yet decided if it will launch the BB Z10 as it earlier on announced that it will wait later in the year to launch the BB Q10. It's not yet too late anyway.

T-Mobile arguably has a better payment plan as it only requires $99 down payment and $18/month for a two-year contract. According to some critics, the Z10 may just be the best touchscreen phone that BlackBerry has created, more positive news for them as they announced that they have just shipped 1M units of devices during their first fiscal quarter. Good job, BlackBerry!


Source: Verizon Wireless

HTC One is experiencing a major logistical nightmare with the shortage in components that are used to make its Ultrapixel camera. For this reason, the HTC One will not be launched by Verizon anytime soon. Furthermore, it will only be delivered to the carrier after all other US carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint have all received their HTC One units. Talk about a major delay!

HTC also has not revealed a specific date of launched. What was originally slated on March 15th was moved to the 29th, and who knows when? Some see this as a move to possibly dispel residual Samsung Galaxy S 4 hype, since the Korean device will be launched a day before.

Verizon might also prevent losing HTC clients by launching other phones by the manufacturer instead. There are talks that it might introduce the HTC One as a Droid device. It appears that Verizon will not go without offering some kind of an HTC flagship that has an Ultrapixel camera and the works.

Source: AllThingsD


Great news to those HTC One M8 owners on Verizon Wireless, it looks like it's your turn to grab a piece of the Android 5.0 Lollipop action. According to the carrier's support page, the update should be rolling out to devices now.   HTC One M8 for Sprint and T-Mobile already got the treatment.

The update is available OTA (Over the Air). It brings a host of improvements to the HTC One M5 headed by brand new ART runtime and Material Design update for the device's native applications.  It also brings Android beyond smartphones and tablets, allowing access to apps and Android services on other connected screens like TVs, cars and wearables. The new material design offers complex animations and 3-D views, 64-bit ABI support and improved runtime.

The document is on the update is available check it out here.

Source: Verizon Wireless






moto 360




We already reported before that the Moto 360 Smartwatch was already sold-out on the Play Store in just a few hours after launch, but that was the leather band variant. If you wanted a Metal wrist band you were out of luck even if you got to the store in time Motorola released the phone with a choice of two leather bands saying it will make it available with a metal band later on.




moto 360




Now however, Verizon has put the metal strap version on pre-order for $300 with a choice of Black and Silver colors. Sadly, the Black Metal version is already sold-out to, but you still have the Silver metal variant available.




moto 360




The regular price is $250 so you pay a $50 premium for the metal band. That's still better than getting a metal band after the fact though, then it will be $80 extra (that puts the price of the leather band at $30).

Incase you are not familiar with the Moto 360, here are some of the cool features that will spark your interest:


  • Quality craftsmanship - Finely crafted with stainless-steel, genuine leather from Horween and scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla glass.

  • Responds to your voice - Just speak to get the info you need using the dual microphones.

  • Doubles as an activity tracker - Track your steps and heart rate with a built-in pedometer and heart rate monitor.

  • Works with your Android phone - Pair with most smartphones running Android 4.3 or higher.

  • Bluetooth 4.0 technology - Pairs with your smartphone through the latest Bluetooth technology.

  • Sensors - Include a pedometer, an ambient light sensor and an optical heart rate monitor (PPG) for versatile use.

  • Mobile notifications - Let you view alerts from your device simply by looking at your wrist. A vibration option provides discreet alerts.

  • Built-in microphone - Allows clear hands-free communication.

  • 1.56" LCD touch screen - With Corning Gorilla Glass 3 construction, 320 x 290 resolution and 205 ppi makes navigation simple and clearly presents visuals.

  • Water resistant - Moto 360 withstands both water and dust, so you don't have to worry about a splash at the pool or a little sand at the beach*. IP67 Certified.

  • Stainless-steel case - With a plastic case back and a leather watch band creates a stylish, yet durable, design.

  • All-day battery - Go all day and recharge on a dock at night. 

  • 4GB internal storage and 512MB RAM - Help ensure fast, efficient performance.




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Verizon has release a software for the Galaxy Tab 7.7, here are a few hints to make the process quick and easy:

 Download and installation should take 15-20 minutes. Keep in mind that during the installation you will be unable to use your Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7.

 Software update size: Approximately 283.1MB.

System Update while you are Roaming

1. If you are roaming you will not receive a system update notice. You will need to enable Wi-Fi and wait for the update

notice to appear or as mentioned above you can manually update by going to "Home" > "Application" > "Settings"

> "About device" > "System updates".

2. To enable Wi-Fi go to "Settings" > "Wireless & networks". Tap "Wi-Fi" to enable.
3. To connect to an available "Wi-Fi network" select "Wi-Fi settings" and select an available Wi-Fi network or

manually add a Wi-Fi network that has had security settings established.

If the system update fails to install, you will get an error screen. However, this only means the software did not install 
properly. The device will power back on with original software and will prompt you once again to install the system update.


This morning, owners of the Verizon Galaxy Note 2 received a minor update, thanks to Verizon's timely update of the device's support page, we now know that it's a security patch elated to the Exynos exploit.

  • + Android Security Patch added for additional security.

The update is only 7.8MB in size, is listed by Verizon simply as an "Android Security Patch added for additional security." Since this is a bit vague, it appears this update of the software to version I605VRALL4 patches the Exynos exploit that allowed people to root the phone and unlock the bootloader. In additional, according to Droid-Life, it included is an update to the radio baseband, which is said to help signal reception, even though Verizon does not list that in the support documents.

 To update your device, you will need to be in an area where Wi-Fi is available.

1. Begin by enabling Wi-Fi on your device.
2. To enable Wi-Fi on your device, go to "Settings" > under Wireless & networks, touch "Wi-Fi ON" to enable (if not already enabled)
3. Touch "Wi-Fi" to view and

Source: Verizon

Verizon looks to introduce the Samsung Galaxy S4 to its customer base and subscribers will surely be anticipating this 5-incher to come out soon. A benchmark report exists and it shows that the Galaxy S IV has a 1.9 GHz processor, but is not the latest Exynos version.

It is highly likely that its processor would be a Qualcomm Snapdragon and Adreno 320 graphics. There are also other improvements from the S III and Verizon will surely be able to take advantage of the popularity and following of the Samsung Galaxy S IV.

It is also quite surprising that the smartphone may not be running the latest Android version and that it may not be introduced at the Mobile World Congress as is mostly speculated. Instead, there are rumors that it might not actually come out until May. Fans will surely have to wait a little longer if they want the Verizon Galaxy S IV



Verizon Wireless today said that the Samsung Galaxy Stellar will be updated to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean beginning March 4. The update will be pushed out in phases, though it can also be downloaded manually starting Monday afternoon.

Jelly Bean includes enhancements and new features like Google Now as well as a new notification panel that displays missed calls and emails and lets users return the call or email right from the notification. A brightness bar has also been added as an easy way to adjust and dim the screen's brightness.

For more information on the Jelly Bean upgrade, visit the Galaxy Stellar support page.

See more at: Verizon Support Page


In case you are still speculating whether or not Verizon will update their Galaxy Nexus to the Android Jelly Bean 4.2.1 version, don't lose hope yet. According to Verizon, the update will be sent overt the air "soon" by no less than Samsung. As to ‘how soon' remains a question. Also, this was posted by a representative in answer to a furious customer's question on their Twitter page.

It can be recalled that the Galaxy Nexus has seen better days with people who wanted to have the latest Android version during its release in 2011. However, Verizon wasn't too keen on having it updated and it has remained on Android 4.1.1 since, annoying many of those who have been waiting for an update. Furthermore, last year, it was reported that Verizon will not be selling Galaxy Nexus units anymore, which may be one of the reasons for the delay.

So if you still own a Verizon Galaxy Nexus, you can already set your sights on a better smart phone or you can wait for the update SOON.

Source: @VZWSupport

The Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 is receiving its update to software version VRBMB1, a day after the change log for the latest build was posted online. The update improves predictive text in the keyboard, allows users to take pictures while on calls, syncs emails better, and enhances Bluetooth. That's pretty much it, well, other than some added bloatware.

It's not Android 4.2 The update is 150.3MB in size.

The International version of the handset is set to get Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean after the launch of the Galaxy S4, but it looks like this sort of situation will be improved with the next Galaxy as benchmark tests have shown the smartphone will be using the same processor around the world.

Instructions : Verizon

Verizon's Galaxy Nexus looks like it might finally benefit from an update from 4.1 Jelly Bean to the latest Android version. This device has been "unfairly" left out and it's been well over 5 months since the 4.2 Jelly Bean came out. Now, you might want to try a leaked ROM for your Galaxy Nexus that may possibly turn out to be just the thing you have been waiting for.

Also, please be reminded that this is not the final version of the ROM and it could be slow or buggy initially, but it really is bound to improve. Also, it should be flashed from stock software. Back up your phone if possible and flash at your own risk, since this will void your warranty and it could even kill your phone if done incorrectly. If you're too cautious and would not want to risk your phone, wait for the official OTA rollout, it probably won't take more than a couple of months if we're hearing constant news (or rumors) about a Galaxy Nexus update.

Source: XDA

The race for mobile supremacy is harsh. People often find themselves realizing that their devices become "out of date" and are already not supported by their manufacturers and carriers. But with Verizon's Galaxy Stellar, apparently, this is not the case.

The Stellar, released September of last year, rolled out with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and has since been stuck and unable to update to Jelly Bean. However, Samsung and Verizon both agreed to pull their technical resources together to grant this device with a 4.1 Android Jellybean update. It may not be the latest version, but it will allow the users to experience the perks of Jelly Bean.

The update will feature Google Now, expandable notifications, Project Butter, and many other system bug fixes to the Stellar. This is an OTA and is sized around a hefty 400 MB so better do this on WiFi. For those who haven't received any notification about the update, you can always check manually if the update is already available via "System Update" on your Stellar.

Link Verizon


Google today posted factory images for Android 4.2.2 (JDQ39) for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus alongside the new 4.2.2 binaries.   If you are wondering what's the purpose of the factory images, they allow you to flash your phone back to its original stock state. This is really useful in the unfortunate event that you mess something up trying to install a custom ROM.

If you are on a Sprint Galaxy Nexus, an Android 4.2.1 factory image is available as well.

Link: Verizon Galaxy Nexus (mysid) |  Sprint Galaxy Nexus (mysidspr)



Verizon customers who are looking to get a Galaxy S4.  Please visit Verizon's Galaxy S4 registration page, enter your information, so you will get alerted first when the phone is on sale from Nationals second largest carrier, Verizon.

Verizon Wirelss currently does not revealing any availability dates. The page says the phone is "coming soon" but doesn't mention pre-order or shipping details at this time. It's just the regular sign up page many mobile operators set up for popular upcoming smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S4 features Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, a 5 inch Super AMOLED display (1920 x 1080 pixels), Smart Scroll, S Translator, NFC, 13MP rear camera with Dual Shot and LED flash, 2GB of RAM, 2,600 mAh battery, and MicroSD card support (up to 64GB).

Verizon Sign up page



Verizon Cloud is a free service that backs up your photos, videos, music, documents, text messages, and more to secure cloud storage, so you don't need to lose your important content if you lose your phone. It even makes sure nothing gets left behind when you move to a new phone.

Here are some of the things Verizon Cloud can do for you:

• Keep your phone's content safe and secure in your own private cloud storage
• Access your content when you need it, even on the go, on any compatible device, your PC or the web
• Sync photos, videos, and more from Verizon Cloud to your device, and then share that synched content with your friends and family
• Backup content from your PC or Mac's harddrive to your Verizon Cloud using the downloadable desktop client. You can then access that content on your mobile devices.

If you are an existing user of Backup Assistant or Backup Assistant Plus, all your content will automatically transfer over to Verizon Cloud.

Verizon Cloud is so far compatible only with these Android devices:

- Motorola Droid X
- Motorola Droid X 2
- Motorola Droid 2 Global
- HTC Thunderbolt
- HTC Incredible
- HTC Incredible 2
- Samsung Droid Charge
- Samsung Fascinate


- Motorola Droid Xyboard 8.2" Tablet
- Motorola Droid Xyboard 10.1" Tablet
- Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
- Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1
- Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Source: Google Play Store


Radio Shack now accepting pre-orders on the Verizon variant of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is . The  electronics retailer is also reserving units of the phone, but for a higher price of $249.99 with a signed two-year contract. Customers spending $30 or more in a single transaction through June 1st, will receive a $10 credit that can be used on future purchases such as accessories you want to buy for your new phone.

Verizon sells the 16GB Galaxy S4 version for $199.99 with new two-year agreements, that's why you'll find it surprising to see Radio Shack ask for $50 on top of that price, with those mandatory two-year contracts still in the picture - the retailer also stocks just the 16GB Galaxy S4 model.

Source: RadioShack




Great new to Verizon Wireless customers, you can now order the Galaxy S4 earlier than originally planned.  The Samsung Galaxy S4 is now available for pre-order online or $199.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate with a new two-year customer agreement. The smartphone will be available for purchase online and in Verizon Wireless stores starting May 30.

Galaxy S4 features a Dual Shot, paired with a 13-megapixel rear-facing camera to take professional looking photographs. Dual Shot allows the use of both the rear and front facing cameras at the same time and lets phone users to include themselves in pictures or videos.

Two colors are available, the Black Mist and White Frost, call your Verizon Rep if you are looking to pre-order the Galaxy S4.



Verizon Pushing Out VRBMF1 Update to Samsung Galaxy S3, to addresses connectivity ussues.  The update seems to fix the connectivity issues, judging from comments left by Verizon Galaxy S3 users on the same site.

Users are reporting faster speeds and say that things seem to have returned to normal. The update seems to be just a small bug fix, without any other enhancements, but, if you've been facing the issues, it most certainly makes a huge difference.

We have yet to find change log documents that detail changes, however, the update was small enough that it likely is a bug fixer.

To get the update, just gointo Settings>About phone>Software update.

Thanks to Droid-Life for this.


The Samsung Galaxy S® 4 is now available for pre-order online for $199.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate with a new two-year customer agreement. The smartphone will be available for purchase online and in Verizon Wireless stores starting May 30.

The Galaxy S 4 introduces new photo features like Dual Shot, paired with a 13-megapixel rear-facing camera to take professional looking photographs. Dual Shot allows the use of both the rear and front facing cameras at the same time and lets phone users to include themselves in pictures or videos.

The Galaxy S 4 is Global Ready and can travel overseas with anyone, but the software may make it an essential item for the world traveler. S Translator operates as a multilingual pocket dictionary native to the phone, translating words and phrases when typed or spoken into the app.

Other apps on the Galaxy S 4 include WatchON, which turns the smartphone into a home entertainment remote and personal TV guide. Air Viewand Air Gesture let users interact with their smartphone without even touching it. Hovering a finger over the screen lets users preview emails and waving a hand over the phone can scroll up and down a webpage.

Source: verizon

Verizon Wireless is accepting pre-orders for the Note 3 as of now. However, it will ship it a bit latter: on October 10. Customers will have to pay $299.99 for the handset (on contract, of course). Verizon is also offering the option of bundling the Note 3 with the Galaxy Gear smartwatch - for $599.98 on contract. While the smartphone comes only in black and white (at least at Verizon), the smartwatch will be available in black, Wild Orange and Mocha Gray.

The Samsung Galaxy Note® 3 is more innovative than ever-not to mention it has a reimagined design. The full HD display is stunning, and with the new Galaxy Gear as a companion to your Note® 3, simplify your mobile experience and interact with your phone like never before.

Cameras for your life

  • Galaxy Note® 3 has a 13MP camera with BSI Sensor, Smart Stabilizer and Auto Focus for ultimate quality and a 2MP Full HD recording front-facing camera for video chat.

S Voice

  • S voice on Galaxy Note® 3 is your own personal assistant to execute phone commands, search for information and more.

S Pen

  • Take notes, sketch, scribble, doodle, sign credit card receipts, play games and more. Take advantage of its capabilities by exploring all the great apps for S Pen at Google Play.

Yes, it's finanlly here, the official Android 4.3 update from Verizon Wireless, the update is now available through Verizon Wireless  computer-based Upgrade Assistant as build VRUEMJ9. 

Please note: the update is large and it's going to take time to download and install on slow connections so users will want to set aside some time to upgrade. Those who are patient can simply wait for the OTA which should push out in the near future.

The update contains a host of new features and functionality and many of the features can be seen in the change log below. It's a sizable update and one that Galaxy Note 2 owners are going to want to consider going forward.


Great news for Verizon Galaxy S3 customers, the long-awaited Android 4.3 update for the Galaxy S III is now rolling out.  It's finally here build number I535VRUCML1, complete with the last Jelly Bean release and Galaxy Gear compatibility.

Here's the full Android 4.3 changelog:

  • - GALAXY GEAR Support
  • - TRIM Support (Makes the device much faster)
  • - Core UI elements updated to the ones on the Galaxy S4 (Galaxy S4′s theme all over)
  • - New Samsung Keyboard
  • - GPU drivers have been updated (Higher GPU benchmark scores)
  • - New Lockscreen: Multiple Widgets, improved ripple effect than Android 4.1.2, ability to change clock size and set a personal message
  • - New Screen modes (From S4): Adapt Display and Professional Photo
  • - Daydream
  • - KNOX included
  • - Driving mode
  • - Actionable notifications
  • - Move-to-SD-card feature
  • - New Camera mode : Sound and Shot
  • - New Additions in Notification Centre
  • - Completely revamped Settings UI (Tabbed interface - Exactly like the Galaxy S4)
  • - Implementation of Voice controls (Let's you control various parts of the phone using voice commands - Galaxy S4 feature)
  • - New Samsung Apps: Calculator, Clock, Contacts, Gallery, Music
  • - Full screen Samsung apps
  • - New S-Voice (from Galaxy S4)


Source: Verizon Galaxy S3 Android 4.3

For smartphone owners over at XDA-Developers, a new flagship smartphone is as good as useless without root. Just ask the thousands of AT&T and Verizon Galaxy S5 owners in their 7th week of waiting. So far it looks like Samsung, AT&T or Verizon won't offer a way to unlock the device for rooting and in the meantime the community has put up an award for the first developer to find a way to root the Galaxy S5 from Verizon and AT&T. That bounty is currently more than $18,000 in prize.


  • Be the first person to create or find a method to achieve the following:
  • Exploiting a fully stock VRU1ANCG build to gain root access
  • Make a post in this thread with the following:
  • Proving it works with appropriate photos and/or screenshots
  • Providing full step-by-step instructions for which anyone else can follow
  • Wait for at least one member to follow the same method and confirm it works the same on their fully stock device with VRU1ANCG build
  • Claim your bounty via PM from pledger(s)

Link: XDA



Great news to those who knows a Galaxy Note 2 from Verizon, they have started rolling out the Android 4.4.2 KitKat update for the Galaxy Note II.

Verizon Wireless is pleased to announce an operating system update to Android 4.4.2 (KitKat) that will improve the performance of your Samsung Galaxy Note II smartphone.

  • • Support for Samsung KNOX 2.0 has been added 


  • Google Drive 
  • Photos
  • Play Newsstand 
  • Emergency Alerts App Icon 
  • S Suggest (has been removed)
  • Samsung Music (has been removed)


  • Error code popups fixed in Backup Assistant 
  • 'Search' icon has been removed within S Memo when there is no memo
  • Favorite ‘Contact' information background is now more readable
  • Connectivity has been improved when streaming music
  • Stability has been improved for Samsung Gear Manager
  • Text alert improvements for select factory installed car kits

Check out the pdf file below

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Geohot roots the Samsung Galaxy S5 and most other devices! That and much more news is covered by Jordan, as he reviews all the important stories from this weekend. Included in this weekend's news is a story talking about how Firefox OS apps can now run on Android, as well as how to control your Google Play Store permissions with finer detail! 

Geohot says that towelroot definitely supports AT&T Galaxy S5, Verizon Galaxy S5, Galaxy S4 Active, and the Google Nexus 5. He notes that the AT&T/Verizon Galaxy Note 3 are also supported but might 'have some troubles at the door'. For those with other devices, Geohot says that towelroot should support all Android phone with a kernel build date before June 3.

Looks like he will be winner of the $18,000+ bounty price.



Tags: looks like verizon offering blackberry z10 device blackberry z10 launched verizon wireless htc one delivery verizon get delayed htc one getting android 5.0 lollipop verizon wireless motorola moto 360 metal variant now available verizon 300 usd software update: verizon samsung galaxy tab 7.7 verizon samsung galaxy note receiving update build vrall4 could this verizon samsung galaxy samsung galaxy stellar verizon receive jelly bean update verizon galaxy nexus receive software update soon verizon samsung galaxy receiving update vrbmb1 improves keyboard bluetooth android 4.2.2 update verizon galaxy nexus leaks official should coming soon verizon finally updating galaxy stellar jelly bean verizon sprint galaxy nexus 4.2.2 factory images now available verizon galaxy registration page verizon cloud backs-up media messages call logs android verizon galaxy available pre-order radio shack verizon now launching samsung galaxy may 23rd verizon samsung galaxy receiving new update solves connectivity issues verizon galaxy model available online starting june verizon samsung galaxy note shipped october samsung galaxy note update android 4.3 available verizon galaxy iii verizon receives ota bringing android 4.3 gear support whoever can root galaxy verizon at&t win $18 000 cash prize verizon galaxy note getting android 4.4.2 kitkat update verizon at&t samsung galaxy model got rooted 

Verizon Messages now allows you to see all your MMS and SMS messages using any of your devices such as desktops, smartphones and tablets. The Verizon Messages application is now available on Android and all of your messages are saved up to 90 days in cloud storage.

You can even start group messaging among your friends or family. The application also has other features that let you display your location and create auto-responders, so people would know when you're too busy to take a call.

The Content Finder will also display the links of photos or any content that people would share with you. Give it a go and download it over Google Play Store for free. A video is also available to show you how it works.

Google Play Store Link

Source: Verizon

Tags: looks like verizon offering blackberry z10 device blackberry z10 launched verizon wireless htc one delivery verizon get delayed htc one getting android 5.0 lollipop verizon wireless motorola moto 360 metal variant now available verizon 300 usd software update: verizon samsung galaxy tab 7.7 verizon samsung galaxy note receiving update build vrall4 could this verizon samsung galaxy samsung galaxy stellar verizon receive jelly bean update verizon galaxy nexus receive software update soon verizon samsung galaxy receiving update vrbmb1 improves keyboard bluetooth android 4.2.2 update verizon galaxy nexus leaks official should coming soon verizon finally updating galaxy stellar jelly bean verizon sprint galaxy nexus 4.2.2 factory images now available verizon galaxy registration page verizon cloud backs-up media messages call logs android verizon galaxy available pre-order radio shack verizon now launching samsung galaxy may 23rd verizon samsung galaxy receiving new update solves connectivity issues verizon galaxy model available online starting june verizon samsung galaxy note shipped october samsung galaxy note update android 4.3 available verizon galaxy iii verizon receives ota bringing android 4.3 gear support whoever can root galaxy verizon at&t win $18 000 cash prize verizon galaxy note getting android 4.4.2 kitkat update verizon at&t samsung galaxy model got rooted introducing new verizon messages 4.0 

HTC just sent out word via Twitter that the HTC One will not be delivered to Verizon. It can be recalled that components for its camera have been very limited and that HTC One deliveries will actually be delayed as a result. On the other hand, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint will all get their limited shares of units and will possibly receive their shipment this month. There is no exact date of release yet.

In place of the HTC One, Verizon recommends users to get the DROID DNA with its quad core Snapdragon chip and 5-inch display. Furthermore, it will conveniently receive the latest Jelly Bean roll out and the HTC Sense 5.0 interface similar to the HTC One. However, not everyone likes the way DROID DNA looks compared to the One. It seems like HTC is doing all it can for damage control.

Source: Twitter HTC

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With the Samsung Galaxy S4 expected to be released at the end of this month, we aren't suprised at all that Galaxy S3 price has been dropped to $99 with 2 year contract.

It's actually a common practice for cellular carriers, manufacturers and retailers to drop the prices of older devices leading up to a big product launch. This allows them to sell as much inventory as possible to those who would prefer a better deal as opposed to newer device.

So will you buy the low priced Samsung Galaxy S3 or wait for the Galaxy S4, it's only $100 more.

Source: Verizon

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Announced by Verizon, now qualified Verizon customers will have the opportunity to purchase phones or tablets at full retail price, but spread the cost of that device out over a 12-month period.

Here are the details:

  • Full retail priced smartphone or tablet price must be a minimum of $349.99.
  • Pay for the full retail priced smartphone or tablet in 12 payments.
  • Finance charge of $24, which is just $2 per installment.
  • Device Payment Plan customers can take advantage of Share Everything pricing and data sharing.
  • First payment, including $2 finance charge, due at time of purchase. Your next payment will appear on your next Verizon Wireless bill.1
  • Feel free to pay off the full balance of your new full retail priced smartphone or tablet anytime you want.
  • Maximum of two open Installment Plans per customer, subject to credit approval.
  • $1000 combined Installment Plan balance limit per customer.

Source: Verizon


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