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Apple shareholders were relieved that the anticipation for the S 4 that has been a bane to their stock price has already burst. Investors were quite happy to know that the Galaxy S 4 wasn't really what they expected. In a way, they were really anticipating something that could outdo the iPhone 5 and luckily for them, it didn't happen, to the chagrin of many.

Samsung did spend a lot in building the anticipation only to see many people disappointed over its features. They were rooting for something that is ground breaking and even mind-blowing. The Apple stock rose up to $443.66 a day after the Samsung S 4 has been launched and many don't see it as that of a big threat to the success and profitability of Apple.

This does not mean to say, however, that the S 4 does not have awesome features. Apple people were just expecting something really innovative and surprising. Many analysts were also disappointed with the actual performance of the S 4 at the event and although it's still likely that they might reach or come close to their objective, it is enough for Apple shareholders to keep their stocks and wait until the iPhone 5s (or 6) is released.

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The Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 is receiving its update to software version VRBMB1, a day after the change log for the latest build was posted online. The update improves predictive text in the keyboard, allows users to take pictures while on calls, syncs emails better, and enhances Bluetooth. That's pretty much it, well, other than some added bloatware.

It's not Android 4.2 The update is 150.3MB in size.

The International version of the handset is set to get Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean after the launch of the Galaxy S4, but it looks like this sort of situation will be improved with the next Galaxy as benchmark tests have shown the smartphone will be using the same processor around the world.

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Samsung Galaxy S 3 has not been forgotten by the number one smartphone maker, even if the much-awaited Galaxy S 4 is already coming in the picture in less than a couple of days. On the contrary, the S 3 will receive a boost from the company with improved battery and even wireless charging capability.

Furthermore, the Samsung Galaxy S 3 display will also be improved. With the recent price slash and additional colors to choose from, the S 3 is not going to lose its steam and take the backseat after all. People are still going to want to own this cool Samsung device at a lower price that not even Apple can beat!

Also, there is no need to worry about it not being upgraded because it will remain one of the most popular Samsung smartphones ever, next to S 4, we believe, that is if the company does reach 100M unit sales for its new flagship device.


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Google Now has grown and matured a lot since it was initially introduced, and the amount of cards that are offered for individuals to make use of is constantly multiply.

Today, Google released an up-to-date website landing page for that service, permitting folks to determine each card available, in addition to how it's shown on Android products.

What this should do is let people know, who don't already, that Google Now is a service that offers real-time help and information exactly when you need it. It is personally catered to each different user, and with new cards like package tracking and boarding passes, we find ourselves using it way more than ever before.

Take a look on your own below which card may be the one you utilize most frequently in the search engines Now.

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