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It looks like HTC One will not be available on March 15th or if it will be; only a few units might possibly be distributed to retail stores because of parts shortage. As if it's not enough, HTC is actually experiencing shortage of two types of components and these are the camera module and the voice coil motor.

Initially, only an average of 1M units will be shipped in the next two months because of this shortage. Let's hope that HTC will be able to bounce back because, like it or not, there are many who are rooting for the HTC One and are actually labeling it the underdog versus Galaxy S 4 and other leading phones in the market.

This can actually be a good move by the Taiwanese company because they would not want to be overshadowed by the possible success of the Galaxy S 4 launch on March 14th. Introducing the HTC One at a later date will make it possible for them to gather more steam. This is HTC's final chance to redeem their brand and they have to make it right and timing is also quite important.


Wait, did Samsung just leaked on exactly when they will be releasing the Galaxy S4? Looks like the official "Samsung Lebanon" Facebook page just did.

Look at the screenshot above, Samsung Lebanon facebook page made a response to poster who asked


"hey, is there any news for the Samsung Galaxy S4 release ?"

Response was "Galaxy S IV will not be released before May 2013". We will have to take this without 100% accuracy as mostly the information provided on Samsung's Facebook pages isn't always 100% correct, but something to keep in mind when making smartphone purchasing decisions.

Updated response:

What we said is only trivial since all Galaxy S series are released between late April and Early May, yet there's no way for anyone to know the exact release date.


Source: Facebook Page


Korea Times just coming out with rumors that the Galaxy Note III will be running Exynos 5 Octa, an eight-core processor, one chipset combines four high-performance cores with four low-consumption ones to achieve what Samsung describes as the best of all worlds.


Expected to be launching second half of 2013, the Galaxy Note III set to clock it at a whopping great 6.3 inches in size, blow away the 5.5 inch Samsung Galaxy Note II in terms of screen size, it would also be a little bigger than Huawei's Ascend Mate.


Do you think 6.3 inche screen is too big? Let me know in the comments below.


Source: Korea Times

The Samsung Galaxy S 4 is slated to be released in India on the first week of May following a week-ahead release in the UK. Other markets will also get the Galaxy S 4 around the time that India will. Furthermore, it will get the Exynos 5 Octa version, which will only have 3G connectivity on its first release on May and the LTE-enable version will said to be available in the country on the second half of the year.

There is no information about the exact date of release but information about the pricing showed that the S 4 is said to cost around Rs. 40-45k and could be even more affordable when purchased with a plan or a contract. Two of the carriers who will surely sell the new handset are Vodafone and Airtel. Keep checking these carriers' websites for details about pre-order and pre-registration.

Source: techone3

T-Mobile is planning to start selling Samsung Galaxy S 4 starting May 1, as confirmed by reps of the company. They are the first ones to indicate an exact day of launch and others are likely to follow soon.

The carrier will likely ask for a $99 down payment for a 2-year contract of $20 per month, similar to the iPhone 5's contract.

More and more LTE-enabled handsets are being introduced by carriers such as T-Mobile and people now see how much they are going to save using these devices. Other LTE devices that are on T-Mo's list are the HTC One and the BlackBerry Z10. HTC One is also coming soon.

It looks like Samsung has got its hands full with the newly announced Galaxy S 4. One might start to think that Samsung has only eyes for this new smartphone. However, this is not the case and with the release of the new Jelly Bean update for the Galaxy Ace 2, which currently runs the Gingerbread app, things could just heat up with the Ace family. True enough, Samsung announces plans for a 3rd generation Galaxy Ace.

Based on reliable sources, the GT-S7272 is a considerable upgrade of the former. It now packs a 4-inch screen, still with an unconfirmed resolution. It is also rumored to have a 1.2 dual core processor that will definitely rock the entry level mobile class. The only remnants of its Ace 2 heritage is its 5mp rear camera. It will have a 4GB storage. Hopefuls would also like to have a 1 gig of RAM. It is said to come in various colors- Black, Blue, White and Red.

The Galaxy Ace 3 will also purportedly be released sometime in June this year and might be priced around 300 Euros.

The 10- and 8-incher Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 might be unveiled earlier than usual, as reported by Techblog. Furthermore, the 3G versions for both the 10- and 8-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 might already be seen on store shelves by May. On the other hand, we should expect the LTE-enabled versions to be sold on June or the following month.

The two tablets obviously differ in size and battery capacity. The 10-inch Tab 3 features a 7000 mAh battery and the other only has 4500 mAh battery. However, a good characteristic to note is that the 8-inch Tab 3 is actually very thin. Both have similar processors, Android versions, screen resolutions, cameras, among others.

No news yet on other noteworthy devices that will be unveiled by Samsung in the near future. These are the Galaxy Tab 3 Plus and the most-anticipated phablet, the Note 3, which is expected to top even the Samsung Galaxy S 4's sale AND reputation.

Source: techblog.gr

Great new to Verizon Wireless customers, you can now order the Galaxy S4 earlier than originally planned.  The Samsung Galaxy S4 is now available for pre-order online or $199.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate with a new two-year customer agreement. The smartphone will be available for purchase online and in Verizon Wireless stores starting May 30.

Galaxy S4 features a Dual Shot, paired with a 13-megapixel rear-facing camera to take professional looking photographs. Dual Shot allows the use of both the rear and front facing cameras at the same time and lets phone users to include themselves in pictures or videos.

Two colors are available, the Black Mist and White Frost, call your Verizon Rep if you are looking to pre-order the Galaxy S4.




Vertu phones have relied on the now obsolete Symbian or Series 40 platform and despite being extremely expensive, they are not regarded as smart phones, including the brand's top of the line models bedecked with diamonds and precious metals.

According to the popular Russian blogger, Eldar Murtazin, A Vertu smartphone running on an Android platform is set to be launched at the end of February. It will cost 3000 Euros, relatively low for a Vertu. No further details are forthcoming though it is bound to have the normal traits regarding sapphire glass, hand-crafted metal and genuine leather. The 24 hours a day Vertu Concierge service is probably part of the package.

Current owner EQT opted for the Android platform due to its flexibility as far as customization is concerned.


Various newspapers may soon become accessible through Google Play, as reported by the Android Police. According to some sleuthing on JavaScript files, it has uncovered unexpected information about the possibility of having web versions of news issues over Google Play Store. Some of the following lines that were "uncovered" pertained to signing in to a news issue, sentences confirming that the newspaper is already on your device and that you have already subscribed to the issue and that supported Android device is needed to be able to read Google Play News.

While there is no information yet on the kind of newspapers that will be available on Google Play, it is likely that major newspapers will join in the trend as more and more users choose Android devices for use everywhere. It is only natural that newspapers will also want to tap this market to increase their profitability.

Having launched the Nexus 7 last summer, Google and Nexus seem to be preparing the second generation Nexus 7.

With Google's I/O conference being held between the 15th and 17th of May, the upcoming Asus-manufactured tablet may be unveiled there, according to DigiTimes.

The new Nexus 7 features a thinner bezel and a Full HD (1920 x 1080) display running on the Android Jellybean platform. Pricing should be similar to that of the Nexus 7: $199 for the 8GB version, $249 for the 16GB one, and $299 for the 32GB one. Its retailing date is yet to be announced.

Sales are expected to surpass 6 million units this month. Similarly, Google is preparing to launch a Nexus 10 tablet featuring a quad-core CPU and an eight-core Mali T678 GPU to be manufactured by Samsung.


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