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Great news to those HTC One M8 owners on Verizon Wireless, it looks like it's your turn to grab a piece of the Android 5.0 Lollipop action. According to the carrier's support page, the update should be rolling out to devices now.   HTC One M8 for Sprint and T-Mobile already got the treatment.

The update is available OTA (Over the Air). It brings a host of improvements to the HTC One M5 headed by brand new ART runtime and Material Design update for the device's native applications.  It also brings Android beyond smartphones and tablets, allowing access to apps and Android services on other connected screens like TVs, cars and wearables. The new material design offers complex animations and 3-D views, 64-bit ABI support and improved runtime.

The document is on the update is available check it out here.

Source: Verizon Wireless





We know some of the Samsung Galaxy S2 owners have been waiting desperately for the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update, a Samsung spokesperson has just told CNET Asia that Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) updates will be rolling out to current SGalaxy 2 owners in the beginning of February in Singapore.

Samsung Korea has finally posted details about the Jelly Bean upgrade for Samsung Galaxy S II. The Jelly Bean update by Samsung will reduce internal memory from 12GB to 11GB and the reduced 1GB memory part will be used for system partition, as it will also re-partition the memory system, so this upgrade will take at least 1 hour. This upgrade will only be available through Samsung desktop software: Samsung KIES.

We will keep you posted as soon as update is out.

Software Upgrade Change Log:

1. Platform upgrade Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich → Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

  • - improved Home screens and improved scrolling performance (thanks to project Butter)
  • - Improved usability for some applications

2. Preloaded applications

  • - Add Help
  • - Add Google+
  • - Add +Talk
  • - Add Play Book
  • - Add Play Movie

3. Newly added/improved functions

  • - Add Easy mode, Block mode
  • - Improved Camera functions: function like Pause while recording and more
  • - Add Smart Stay
  • - New functions like Pop-up play and more
  • - Improved some functions & applications usability

Source: CNET Asia

T-Mobile has announced a software update for their Galaxy S2 phones.  According to T-Mobile support forum yesterday, the Samsung Galaxy S II (ICS only) had software update to Android version 4.0.4 / Baseband version T989UVLI4 via Over The Air (OTA) and Samsung Kies. 

The update only appears to be about 11MB in size and brings with it security enhancements and a few tweaks and updates on the Qualcomm processor side of things. Vlingo S Voice is also getting some improvement, although that wasn't specified much. As usual all the details are available from T-Mobile support forums. The international GS II just started getting Jelly Bean so hopefully US carriers like T-Mobile are next.

You can update in two ways:

  • Over the air (OTA) update to T989UVLI4: If you want to update to T989UVLI4, you can update via OTA. Please wait for the notification to update. The OTA will continue to be delivered until February 7. There is no escalation option if the update has not been recieved.

  • Manual download to T989UVLI4: If you want to update to T989UVLH1, you can update via Samsung Kies. Ensure you are on the latest version of Kies prior to attempting the update. See https://www.samsung.com/us/kies/ to confirm the version.

Source: T-Mobile support forum

Android 4.1.2 version of the Jellybean is now available for Verizon's Galaxy SIII users. According to those who have received the update, this version is somewhat of a different build from a version that was leaked during the first weeks of February this year.

The update will be rolling out as an OTA and is around 150 MB in size. Once this VRBMB1 build version is downloaded to the Galaxy SIII, considerable changes will be installed and these will bring you the Android v4.1.2 Jellybean OS to your device. The changes include a fix on the Keyboard Predictive Text and the ability take pictures while on a phone call. Also, the phone notifications shown on the lock screen can now be refreshed with the adder ticker. Tweaks were also added to enhance Bluetooth and e-mail syncing performance.

Hopefully, Verizon won't stop releasing updates to allow the Galaxy SIII users to enjoy the newer Android 4.2 OS features and to optimize the phone's potential as well.


source: androidauthority

More news are coming out that UK is getting the S4 Snapdragon 600 variant instead of the Exynos Octa-powered one. Over at SamMobile, they have a list of countries where either will be or both will be distributed and there is a little discrepancy on the UK info since it states that it will receive both variants. However, Samsung has just confirmed that UK will not be receiving the Exynos 5 Octa version, following a query made by a concerned individual.

In a response to a query about the UK version of the Galaxy S, Samsung replied with the following statement.

"Samsung Galaxy S4 is equipped with a 1.9GHz Quad-core AP or a 1.6GHz Octa-core AP. The selection of AP varies by markets ... In the UK, the Galaxy S4 will be available as a 4G device with a 1.9GHz Quad Core Processor."

There are two possible reasons why both devices won't be shipped to some countries. First reason is because countries with ample LTE coverage should get the Snapdragon version, since it has built-in LTE modem and it will be more efficient. Next possible reason is the demand for Samsung S 4. Countries with higher demand could be getting both, which is logical, because then Samsung would sell out both variants in these countries.

Furthermore, no need to fret really, as we have the entire 2013 to wait for new shipments of both versions of the phone. Who knows, next half of the year might mean both variants will already be offered in UK?

Source: AndroidAuthority


The wait is finally over for the Galaxy S2 owners in India.  Samsung has finally started rolling out the Android 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean) update for the Samsung Galaxy S2 users. The Galaxy S2 got the ICS update in India in May 2012, and the Jelly Bean started rolling out back in January starting from Spain. The Samsung Galaxy Note got the Jelly Bean update in India last month..

The update is rolling out over-the-air, but if for some reason you're yet to receive a prompt message to download and install it you should check for it through Samsung Kies.

Samsung announced the list of devices that would get the Android Jelly Bean update back in back in September 2012.Hope Samsung rolls out the Android 4.1.2 update for the remaining devices in India soon.

The Galaxy S2 is likely to never get Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie, meaning the 4.1.2 update will be the last major one to hit the 4.3-incher. There should also be a 4.2.2 bump in the not so distant future, but that's nowhere near the magnitude of the 4.1 tweak.


Source: FoneArena

We want T-Mobile Galaxy S2 Jelly Bean update rolling out couple of days ago, it's now time for AT&T Skyrocket owners' turn to update their Galaxy S2 Skyrocket.  Report by Sam Mobile, the updated either over-the-air (OTA) or via Samsung KIES.

Some of the Enhancements in the new Jelly Bean Update:

  • - Buttery Smooth Performance & Great Stability (Thanks to Project Butter)
  • - Full User Interface Revamp (Same UI as of the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II)
  • - TouchWiz Nature UX
  • - Samsung's S Cloud services
  • - Improved Camera features
  • - New Lockscreen With Many Customization Options
  • - New Features like Direct Call, Smart Stay and Pop-up Play
  • - New Widgets (From Galaxy S III)
  • - 2 Home screen modes
  • - New Notification bar With More Notification Toggles
  • - Google Now


Source: Sammobile

AT&T and Samsung have released a software update for the Samsung Galaxy Note. This software package updates the firmware version to Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich).

Android 4.0 (ICS) enhancements

  • Improved multi-tasking
  • Customizable widgets
  • Improved text input and spell-checking
  • New dictionaries for better error correction and word suggestion
  • Enhanced web browsing and personalization capability
  • Improved email management
  • New technology for better security options
  • Clearer menu formatting

What to expect after the update

  • Home screens: The home screens will be reset to the ICS default view.
  • Application Menu: The application menu sorting, folders and home keys will be reset. Downloaded applications will be preserved.
  • Contact Groups: All Contacts and Contact groups will remain. However, contacts within the contact groups will be
  • removed.
  • Email: Email accounts that were added as a Social Hub or Samsung premium account will be removed.
  • Music: Music playlists and settings (Equalizer, Sound effects, Music menu) will be reset during the update.
  • Bluetooth: Paired bluetooth devices will be removed during the reset.
  • SIM and Memory cards: Information stored on your SIM and Memory cards will not be changed, and may remain installed during this update.

Install Samsung Kies

  • Download and install Samsung Kies to your computer.
  • NOTE: Any previously downloaded versions of Samsung Kies will not work correctly for this upgrade. Please ensure you are downloading the most recent Kies software from the link above.
  • Once installed, read and accept the License agreement, and then click Next. 
  • NOTE: If prompted to update to a newer version, click Update and wait for new files to load. 
  • Once all updates have been processed, the program will close and relaunch itself. 

Update your Samung Galaxy Note

  • Plug your phone into the computer using the included Micro USB cable.
  • Once Kies recognizes your device, you will receive a pop-up requesting to update to a new firmware version. Click Update to continue. 
  • Read through the Caution pop-up, and if you agree, click to check "I have read all the above information." and select your desired information saving option, and then click Start Upgrade. 
  • A notice will display. Read through the information, and then click Next to proceed.
  • The update will begin and may take 10-15 minutes to complete. The phone will be unusable during this time. Do not disconnect your mobile phone from your PC or power the PC off. If interrupted, your device could become inoperable. 
  • Please wait until your phone reboots completely, and then select OK to finish.

Source: AT&T


Samsung has now rolled out of the much-awaited Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update for its Samsung Galaxy S Advance smartphones.  .The software update is currently available in Germany, Poland and Ukraine and is expected to reach other European countries soon. Users can grab the update through the Samsung KIES server.

Some of the Enhancements in the new Jelly Bean Update:

  • - Android 4.1.2 - Build JZO54K
  • - Buttery Smooth Performance & Great Stability (Thanks to Project Butter)
  • - Multi-View (Multi Windows Multitasking, same as in Note II)
  • - Multi-View can also be disabled
  • - Page Buddy
  • - Notification Panel can now be customized
  • - New Additions in Notification Panel
  • - Smart Rotation (Screen Display adjusts to your angle of sightings)
  • - Continues Input in Samsung Keyboard (Like Swipe or Android 4.2 Keyboard)
  • - Samsung's Cloud services
  • - Features like Direct Call, Smart Stay and Pop-up Play
  • - New Widgets From the Galaxy S III
  • - 2 Home screen modes
  • - New Notifications bar
  • - Google Now

The software upgrade will not work on devices being used in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Unfortunately, there is no official confirmation on when the update will be available in other countries.

Source: ibtimes

We have great news to report for those with a Galaxy S4 powered by Exynos.   According to GSMArena, Samsung will be releasing the Android 4.3 update on the Galaxy S III next month, while the Galaxy Note II will be getting it in December because of the many S-Pen features that need to be ported.  For more information see below.

Here is the complete change log:

  • OpenGL 3.0 Support
  • GALAXY GEAR Support
  • TRIM Support (Makes the device much faster)
  • ANT+ Support
  • Samsung KNOX Implementation (KNOX bootloader and dedicated application)
  • Samsung Wallet comes pre-loaded
  • Improved RAM management
  • Improved Display colour reproduction (Display looks much sharper than before)
  • Improved TouchWiz Launcher (Much less launcher redraws and less lag)
  • New Samsung Keyboard
  • New Samsung Browser (Full screen by default, new tab interface and more)
  • New Reading Mode (Optimises display for reading, used by only a few specific applications)
  • New Camera firmware
  • Minor UI tweaks (Contacts app, Flashlight Widget, dialog boxes etc)

Here's where you can get the latest update if somehow you can't get OTA update



Samsung is offering a $50 Play Store credit for those people who already has a Galaxy Note 3 or thinking about getting one soon. The promotion should help maintain the strong performance of the company's phablet flagship during the holiday season.  This is only for the US.  Not a worldwide promotion.

All the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 owners, who purchase their device on or before January 6, will be eligible to claim the offer. You have to register your phone number, IMEI and a few other details with Samsung, before you redeem your $50 credit. With the Play Store credit you can download apps, movies, music, games, books, magazines and TV shows without having to pay anything.

Good luck, and enjoy your $50 google play store credit.

Source: Samsung


As you probably already know, the Samsung Galaxy Gear was fairly limited in its feature-set initially, but Samsung has added more and more functionality to the smartwatch over the last few months.

Looks like the Galaxy Gear is getting voice guided navigation through their headphones. We learned, however, that the majority would just visually remember the route to take, immediately close the app to save battery life, and put their smartphone back into their pocket.  From time to time, they would reopen the navigation to check whether they're still on the right route.

With the Android SDK, it was easy for Symphony Teleca to develop TurnByTurn, an app with which you can plan your routes on your Samsung Galaxy and then synchronize them with your Samsung Galaxy Gear.  The smart watch will then take over all the navigation instructions and alert you visually and audibly about upcoming turns.


Great news to those who knows a Galaxy Note 2 from Verizon, they have started rolling out the Android 4.4.2 KitKat update for the Galaxy Note II.

Verizon Wireless is pleased to announce an operating system update to Android 4.4.2 (KitKat) that will improve the performance of your Samsung Galaxy Note II smartphone.

  • • Support for Samsung KNOX 2.0 has been added 


  • Google Drive 
  • Photos
  • Play Newsstand 
  • Emergency Alerts App Icon 
  • S Suggest (has been removed)
  • Samsung Music (has been removed)


  • Error code popups fixed in Backup Assistant 
  • 'Search' icon has been removed within S Memo when there is no memo
  • Favorite ‘Contact' information background is now more readable
  • Connectivity has been improved when streaming music
  • Stability has been improved for Samsung Gear Manager
  • Text alert improvements for select factory installed car kits

Check out the pdf file below

According to SamMobile, two of Samsung's popular devices are getting Jelly Bean updates now.  The Samsung Galaxy S II i9100P and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0.  Both updates are OTA (over-the-air), as well as through Samsung Kies.

In case you're wondering, the Galaxy S II i9100P comes with an NFC chip, unlike the regular S II i9100. And speaking of the i9100, Jelly Bean updates for it have started in January.

Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean for Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus P6200 is currently available only in Austria. But more countries should follow shortly.

Some of the Enhancements in the new Jelly Bean Update:

- Buttery Smooth Performance & Great Stability (Thanks to Project Butter)
- Full User Interface Revamp (Same UI as of the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II)
- TouchWiz Nature UX
- Samsung's S Cloud services
- Improved Camera features
- New Lockscreen With Many Customization Options
- New Features like Direct Call, Smart Stay and Pop-up Play
- New Widgets (From Galaxy S III)
- 2 Home screen modes
- New Notification bar With More Notification Toggles
- Google Now


According the latest leaked document, these following 5 Samsung smartphones are likely to get Android 4.4 kitkat.  They include the Galaxy S4 Mini, the Galaxy Grand 2 Duos, the Galaxy Mega 5.8 Duos, the Galaxy Mega 6.3, and the Galaxy Note 3 Neo.

These updates have been finalized already, and now the only thing that's left to happen is when they will be starting the rollouts.  The information comes from the image you can see above, reportedly via a reputable insider.

And once again, the fact that the internationally-sold Samsung Galaxy S III (GT-I9300) won't ever receive an official update to KitKat has been confirmed.

New features of the Android 4.4.2 KitKat update will looking like something below.

  • White Status Bar Icons
  • Camera Shortcut on Lock-Screen
  • Wireless Printing
  • Album Art on Lock-Screen during Music Playback
  • NFC tap-to-pay support
  • Options to set default messaging and launcher apps
  • Transparent status bar
  • Better stability
  • Improved Ram usage
  • Smoother Interface Overall
  • Samsung Wallet
  • Emoji for Keyboard



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