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Samsung and Apple launched new flagship smartphones in 2012 with the Samsung Galaxy S III and the Apple iPhone 5, and each smartphone is still widely regarded as "top of the line" within the larger marketplace.

According to ad network Chitika's latest traffic study, Samsung's Galaxy S3 has caught the iPhone 5 in terms of the amount of Internet traffic it generates. The findings are drawn from "tens of millions of U.S. and Canadian smartphone mobile ad impressions" this month.

Chitika said that in October 2012, Apple's latest iPhone enjoyed an 8-point lead in Web traffic share over Samsung's Galaxy. Now, it's down to one point, according to the ad network.

The charts above reflects the comparative shares of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Apple iPhone 5 when looking only at traffic coming from the two devices.


Source: Chitika


The smartphone war just got uglier! Samsung is being accused of paying fake reviewers of the HTC One and the matter has just been brought to the Taiwanese FTC. This prompted an investigation from the commission.

Most people who contemplate on buying gadgets and other high-tech devices would almost always search for reviews about them to better decide if they'll buy or not. However, Samsung purportedly pays for reverse-marketing HTC products, most specifically, the HTC One, which is arguably the most popular opponent of the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S IV.

Samsung confirms that it was involved in the "unfortunate incident" and that they would no longer resort to this type of marketing. Furthermore, if found to be on the offensive, the Korean giant stands to pay USD $835k for violating fair trade policies.

Source: BBC

New Facebook feature which was spotted with a couple of users showing them when their online buddies were on web or mobile versions of Facebook. I was relayed through Facebook it's an evaluation. Now, Facebook states it's getting folded out globally.

As we mentioned yesterday, we think that Facebook is working on enhancing its messaging services as a way to keep the service evolving, and catching the attention of those who may not be using it as much as they could be to communicate.

This is also about Facebook shifting around where it gives you information: it already provides some of this detail but in a different way: today if a user is sending a message from a mobile device, the recipient can see that detail on the message itself. Add "mobile" or "desktop" into the status window preempts that.


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