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Youtube Offline


YouTube App for Android was supposed to get an offline Playback Mode. However, Google decided NOT to include this feature on the latest update, even if it already submitted some screenshots to the App's Play Store listing includes an "Offline" tab on the navigation menu.


The "Offline" section for YouTube will download and cache any video to watch it offline anytime or anywhere you don't have an internet connection available. Seeing these official screenshots on the play store means that the update is coming very soon and it may got delayed due to a bug or an issue. Stay tuned for the next update for the YouTube App.



YouTube [Play]



Facebook for Android is now being Updated every week with bug fixes and New features, You can Now try out the latest App version of Facebook For Android version Alpha Build. This Alpha version will show you what Facebook is preparing for you in the next final version, take a sneak peak at the new features and User interface changes. Current Facebook stable version is 14.0 and Beta version is 15.0 and you can roll-back to the official version or beta version at anytime via Play store.




Facebook version 16 packs many UI changes, lots of bug fixes and performance improvements. So you'll be running a version that is supposed to be released 3 months from Now.


After downloading the latest Alpha build, Facebook suggests turning on automatic updates as it plans on updating the app a few times a week. Doing so will ensure you're always running the latest version. The APK file provided below is the official APK from Facebook ALPHA program and hasn't been modified.



Facebook V15 ALPHA


Facebook v16. [APK]




MX Player for Android, One of the best Media players on the Play Store, has just been updated to version 1.7.30 with some bug fixes. The update is available to all Pro and Free version users. MX Player offers many codecs compatible with all Android devices, which enables the device to play any video format smoothly with subtitle support and many other features.


MX Player 1.7.30 Change-log:

- Fixed some bugs issued on latest version.
- Improved thumbnail cache handling.
- Improved PGS subtitle (BD subtitle) support.
- Bug report can be saved as a file instead of opening email client.




You can Download MX Player 1.7.30 Now for Free or If you don't like Ads and want to enjoy some more features grap the Pro version from the links below.


MX Player 1.7.30

MX Player Free [Play Store]


MX Player PRO [Play Store]





Google recently introduced the option to select the resolution of the video you are watching in the Android version of the YouTube app. Depending upon the device you are using, the maximum resolution option would differ, although it is known to get confused at times.


So far, the maximum resolution option available in the app was 1080p, even if you have happen to have a smartphone or tablet with higher resolution. But to break the barrier of the 1080p the YouTube App streaming now goes up to 1440p on selected devices. If you happen to have an Android device with higher than 1080p resolution display, you might see the 1440p resolution option in the settings while watching the video.




play music


An update to the Google Play Music App to v5.6.1616, brings some New Music widgets. The old 4x1 Play Music widget now starts at 3 x 1, and is available in every size up to 4x4. Another widget is 1x1, and when tapped, plays the "I'm Feeling Lucky" radio station without even launching the Google Play Music app.


New weidgets


After you update the app, searching for a particular song or artist, will result in public playlists appearing at the bottom of the screen. You can subscribe to these playlists or download them just as if you had created them yourself.


New widgets


The update also includes improvements to the download management which is now called "Manage downloads" from its previous name, "View download queue." The name might be different, but it works the same way. It also will show you how much room on your device is being taken up by your tunes, and reveals the best ways to clear them from your phone.




Google Play Music Download [Play Store]



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