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We have heard of it many times earlier and once again, another report from Korea is indicating the same thing; a 6-inch or bigger model of the Samsung Galaxy S8. According to the latest report, both versions of the S8 will sport dual curved displays this time around, but the S8 Plus will have a 6-inch display instead of the 5.5-inch one we are used to seeing on the larger models of Samsung's S-series every year. The regular S8 will sport the 5.2-inch form factor just as its predecessors, albeit with a curved display.

The report also states that the S8 Plus, in spite of having a larger display than the Galaxy Note 7, will sport similar dimensions. This brings us to an almost established rumor about the Galaxy S8; the edge-to-edge bezel-less display. As you can imagine, the 90% or above screen to body ratio will allow the 6-inch S8 Plus to be just as manageable as the Note 7 was, by cutting out almost all bezel. Rumor also has it that the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus will be launched at a higher price than its predecessors in April, at an exclusive event in New York.

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Are you a regular user of fitness mobile apps? If so, you may have noticed that they have changed your life positively. As technology advances, people are taking advantage of it to make life easier and better. Fitness lovers are always looking for the best activities that will give them positive results, and fitness apps have perfectly filled this gap.

Mobile fitness apps are downloaded either on an Android or iOS phone and used by people to achieve different fitness goals. If you have not used them, it is time to learn their usefulness. Perhaps it will convince you to download one or more.

Experienced Trainers Participate in Making Them


If you do not have the resources to hire a personal trainer, using an app that has been developed in collaboration with experienced and reputable trainers is a great idea. There are many apps that are equipped with highly-effective exercises and other fitness activities. There are also diet ideas, which are a crucial part of fitness.

If you follow the tips and activities given in these apps, you will not regret the results. Some apps allow fans to follow various trainers on their respective channels and even allow collaboration for inquiries and suggestions.

They Have All You Need in Fitness


Fitness is diverse and broad. Apart from knowing about the right exercises to get ripped, you also need the right diet to boost them. The beauty of apps for fitness is that there are many and they cover all areas that you need. It is also possible to use apps from different developers and companies to achieve your goals.

For instance, you can have an app to help you use steroids and supplements from Musclesfax, another for your diet, and yet another for workouts. With all of these, you will have an easy time achieving your goals.

Tracking Progress


Data gives us the answers that we need in any project. As a fitness lover, there is no way you can live with assumptions. You have to keep progress data. Today, journals in gym bags have been replaced by apps that keep data, allow it to be exported, and even can be analyzed to give different reports.

Whether you are working on your weight, keeping fit for sports, or are in modeling where a perfectly-shaped body is part of your career, mobile fitness apps will help you. The best thing is that most are free or cost less than you can imagine.

They Keep Advancing


The revolution in apps is incredible. They have come a long way with each upgrade offering better options. Those who have used certain apps for a while can attest that each upgrade has something new and better to offer. The developers never sleep while looking for proven activities that work well. They get this from trainers, research, users, and many other reliable resources.

Fitness mobile apps change life in many ways. We have seen why they are useful in the life of an athlete and other fitness fans.  Also please make sure to check out Total Shape - Created by Isaac with the goal of being the #1 resource for fitness, diet, supplements, and everything related to a healthy lifestyle.






After Samsung released the official Android 5.0.1 Lollipop update to the Galaxy S4 I9505 (Black edition) in the UK, the Korean giant is now rolling-out the same update to the Regular Unlocked Galaxy S4 I9505 variant in the United Kingdom.




The Update brings Android Build 5.0.1, New TouchWiz UI with Material Design and lots of performance enhancements to the I9505. Samsung keeps working full time to bring the best experience and smooth transition from KitKat to Lollipop to all its users.


Samsung Galaxy S4 I9505 firmware details:


- Model GT-I9505
- Model name GALAXY S4 LTE
- Country United Kingdom
- Version Android 5.0.1
- Changelist 3996895
- Build date Wed, 25 Feb 2015 15:44:46 +0000
- Product code BTU



If you don't want to wait for the OTA, You can now Download and flash the firmware above using our ODIN 3 Tutorial Here to enjoy the update early.



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