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LG G flex2


LG brought out what will certainly be one of the most innovative products at the CES 2015, the curved LG G Flex2. It's more compact and more powerful than its predecessor, more curved and heals faster.


Starting off with the display, LG's homemade P-OLED tech has improved over the last year and the new screen has 1080p resolution (up from just 720p). Meanwhile the screen diagonal has shrunken a bit to the more manageable 5.5" (down from 6").


lg g flex 2

LG G Flex2 Full Specifications


The screen is protected by an LG-developed glass cover that is said to be 20% more durable than Gorilla Glass 3. The back has a special self-healing coating LG marked a massive improvement by cutting the heal time from 3 minutes to just 10 seconds at room temperature. Check the video below to see it in live action.


Anyway, the LG G Flex2 will be the most powerful device for a while it will be the first to bring Snapdragon 810 in consumer hands and it only renders at 1080p (not QHD!). The phone will launch with Android 5.0 Lollipop and 2GB RAM. For storage there's 16GB or 32GB, plus a microSD card. 


LG G Flex2 [Video]

Android M


Sense 7, TouchWiz, Bravia Engine... All the major Android manufacturers already sporting some kind of theme support, it was a bit logical for Google to bake in a similar functionality in Android OS itself, which will make it even easier for willing manufacturers to embrace theme support in their custom skins.


From the looks of it, Android M, which is currently internally known as Macadamia Nut Cookie, might be the first release of the OS that will come with baked-in theme support (we are not talking about the already-present interface themes, but of full-blown, interface-wide themes).


Android M themes


It seems that Android M has adopted Sony's RRO (Runtime Resource Overlays) commits, which means that native theme support is at least supported.


The well-hidden theme support in the M Developer Preview was spotted by a user that has been meddling with the Layers Manager app. Reportedly, the latter has allowed the user to try a few themes on a rooted Android device. It is still pretty limited at this point, as we are, after all, dealing with a developer preview, The final Android M version may fully support themes.



Maps 9.2


Google Maps for Android updated to version 9.15.0 with some New features and Bug fixes and it's now rolling-out on the lay store. The update adds the new Google Logo and icons to the app, along with some new features with an ETAs across driving comparison, that shows a comparison list of all the roads you can take to reach your target.


"My Events" will show you a list of the event's locations you have from your Gmail, the app will also show you directions to the nearest event.


my events


Google Maps 9.15.0 change-log:
• Easily compare ETAs across driving, transit, walking & biking
• Find the best places to eat & drink around you, with curated recommendations in San Francisco, New York & London
• New Google Maps logo
• Bug fixes


The Update is only available to Devices runing Android version 4.3 or later Only. If you don't want to wait until the update hit your device, You can Download the official Google Maps 9.15 APK from the link below.


Google maps 9.15

Google Maps 9.15.0 [APK]


Google Maps 9.15.0 [PLAY]


Galaxy ALPHA

Samsung already announced the Galaxy ALPHA back in August. Today, Corning has announced that the Samsung Galaxy Alpha features the recently unveiled Gorilla Glass 4 (GG4).


"Corning spends a great deal of time collaborating with Samsung to recommend solutions that will continually improve their device design and performance," said Cliff Hund, general manager and president, Corning East Asia. "Device makers want to go thinner without sacrificing damage resistance. Samsung is not only meeting these requirements, but is on the cutting edge of smartphone design. The Galaxy ALPHA is the culmination of our close collaboration with Samsung."


Galaxy ALPHA


The company claims that the latest iteration of its most famous product can survive 80% of drops from 1m (3.3ft) on a rough surface, and is twice as tough as its competitors. It is 0.4 mm thick, which is almost half compared to the last year's GG3 (0.7 mm).


Source (Corning)

Galaxy S5 Lollipop 5.0.2


Earlier this month, we reported that Samsung is working on micro-updates to fix the issues caused by the Lollipop update on various of devices based on users reports. The Samsung Galaxy S5 was already updated to Android build 5.0 Lollipop at first, and some other variants of the device, like Galaxy S5 LTE-A (G901F) got Android 5.0.2 update.




Now, Samsung is currently Testing a minor update for the Original Galaxy S5 (G900) with Android Build 5.0.2 Lollipop, the test is also being carried out with the Australian Carrier "Optus". Samsung Galaxy S5 Android 5.0.2 Lollipop update will pack various bug fixes and performance improvements.


Galaxy S5 5.0.2


According to Optus schedule, the 5.0.2 update should start rolling-out by Early June. Still, there is no confirmation if any of the other Samsung device which are already updated to Lollipop (Galaxy S4, Note 3, Note 4 or Note Edge.. etc) will get the same build 5.0.2 update.


VIA Optus


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