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Apple Samsung Partners


Apple have a lot of disagreements with Samsung. However, Apple is currently searching for a chip manufacture for its upcoming products, and it couldn't find a better Chip manufacturing Partner than Samsung.


According to Taiwanese media reports, TSMC which is one of the world's largest manufacturers of mobile chipsets is about to lose two of its big clients. Apple and Qualcomm decided to switch to Samsung as they primary manufacturing partner.


Back in the day when Apple left Samsung for TSMC, everyone made a big deal out of it and said it was down to the fierce legal battle between the two giants. However, that war is far from over, and Apple's willingness to return to its Korean rival suggests it might have been a mere coincidence and TSMC simply offered better terms at the time.


iOS 8


Apple is now rolling-out the iOS 8 beta 3 firmware update. It brings various improvements, new features and new options. The iOS 8 Beta 3 allows the T-Mobile USA subscribers to use Wi-Fi Calling for better audio quality. The new firmware also enables new iCloud Drive options and improves the battery statistics.


Side-by-side with the new iOS 8 Beta 3 firmware Apple launches new beta versions of the Apple TV, Find My iPhone and Find My Friends apps. You can download them from the new Beta Apps in the App Store.




foxconn robots


You may already know Foxconn, Apple's primary iPhone manufacturer in China. As the iPhone 6 production line needs a boost, Foxconn is allegedly incorporating 10,000 Robots into its assembly line process in anticipation of heightened iPhone 6 production. Foxconn is still currently in the final testing stages of the robots, which are each expected to produce 30,000 smartphones.




Each of the planned robots is set to cost between $20,000 - $25,000, and won't be available to other manufacturers. It's unknown how exactly they will impact the company's current workforce, as despite the added bump in production, Foxconn CEO Terry Gou expects that the company will nevertheless have a hard time meeting demand.




iOS 7.1.2


A person who lives in the Lithuania region, has noticed something odd about the calendar on iOS 7.1.2. After setting the proper region on his Apple iPhone 5s and Apple iPad Air, the calendar application on both devices listed the wrong regional holidays. Instead of seeing the holidays in his region for 2014, the holidays for Mexico, Hong Kong, and Canada appeared.


Many users sent Apple emails explaining ad reporting the bug they are facing, one of them posteda video on YouTube. Meanwhile, Apple sent them a response to his e-mail, which stated that there is a software issue with the calendar, which will be resolved with the next update. So, if you have experienced this issue for yourself, don't worry.


Apple response


It will all be resolved with iOS 7.1.3 update, although no timeframe for that update was mentioned by Apple.


Bug Video



The Google Drive mobile application is a pretty nifty way of checking all of your cloud storage files on the go, but file management is a bit clumsy. The latest update looks to fix that, by making file interaction an easier process.


Let's say you want to star a document, share or rename it, or print or delete a file? Well instead of using the older, top menu bar method scrolling method, you just need to hit a button and all of the options pop up, ready to be used at your fingertips.


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