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YouMobile® team will be present at Techne Summit 2015 event at Alexandria,Egypt displaying our website update tracking services and the technology we are using, We also gonna announce our future plans on improving our website and services and what we have currently in-development. Make sure to visit our booth if you are in Egypt!


What is Techne Summit ?


Techne Summit is a two-day (24th - 25th) international technology event that will act as a platform including the main global players in the technology industry, namely: the top international industry professionals as technology businesses, entrepreneurs and startups, investors, featuring the Top Technology Speakers in the world, users and media representatives.




The event will present networking opportunities and open up possibilities for various business collaboration between parties, particularly those that pertain to grow in the Middle East and Africa region.


Techne Summit is an annual event that will kick off in October 2015 at the iconic Bibliotheca Alexandrina in the Mediterranean city of Alexandria in Egypt.


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apple watch


The pricing of the three main versions of the Apple Watch was finally announced at the company's Spring forward event.


The Apple Watch Sport is made out of special aluminum alloy, which is 60% tougher than regular alloys, but still as light. It's offered in 38mm and 42mm versions and will cost $349 and $399, respectively.


Then there's the Apple Watch, what you'd consider to be the classic version. It features a stainless steel body and its price is dependent on the band you choose. Prices for the 38mm range from $549 to $1049, while the 42mm will sell from $599 to $1099.


apple watch

Finally, the Apple Watch Edition, which is made out of 18K gold is going to start at $10,000 for the 38mm one and $12,000 for the 42mm. Tim Cook didn't specify any further pricing information about it but one thing's for sure, it's a limited edition thing and will only be offered in select Apple stores.


Customers can try the two simpler versions of the Apple Watch in many Apple retail stores starting April 10. You can pre-order them from the same date with purchases shipping from April 24. Not all countries will get it at first, as sales will commence in Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, UK and the US.


Source [Apple]

We have the latest firmware for your Samsung devices just like always. Check our firmware section for more and also go through this tutorial if you don't know how to flash firmware ROMs with a PC onto your Samsung smarphones and tablets.

Galaxy S7 Edge (SM-G935F) - (7.0) - Argentina (ARO) NEW!
Galaxy S7 Edge (SM-G935F) - (7.0) - Colombia (CGU) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A5100) - (6.0.1) - Hong kong (TGY) NEW!
Galaxy S6 Edge (SM-G925I) - (7.0) - CWW NEW!
Galaxy S6 Edge (SM-G925I) - (7.0) - COE NEW!
Galaxy S6 Edge (SM-G925I) - (7.0) - New zealand (TNZ) NEW!
Galaxy S6 Edge (SM-G925I) - (7.0) - VFJ NEW!
Galaxy S6 Edge (SM-G925I) - (7.0) - New zeland (NZC) NEW!
Galaxy S6 Edge (SM-G925I) - (7.0) - ZTR NEW!
Galaxy S6 Edge (SM-G925I) - (7.0) - Papua new guinea (PNG) NEW!
Galaxy S6 Edge (SM-G925I) - (7.0) - New zealand (vodafone) NEW!
Galaxy S6 Edge (SM-G925I) - (7.0) - PGU NEW!
Galaxy S6 Edge (SM-G925I) - (7.0) - CHX NEW!
Galaxy S6 Edge (SM-G925I) - (7.0) - Australia (telstra) NEW!
Galaxy S6 Edge (SM-G925I) - (7.0) - Mexico (TCE) NEW!
Galaxy S6 Edge (SM-G925I) - (7.0) - Brazil (ZTO) NEW!
Galaxy S6 Edge (SM-G925I) - (7.0) - Chile (CHO) NEW!
Galaxy S6 Edge (SM-G925I) - (7.0) - CRC NEW!
Galaxy S6 Edge (SM-G925I) - (7.0) - ALE NEW!
Galaxy Note 4 (SM-N910H) - (6.0.1) - Nepal (NPL) NEW!
Galaxy S6 (SM-G920I) - (7.0) - Argentina (ARO) NEW!
Galaxy S6 (SM-G920I) - (7.0) - CWW NEW!
Galaxy S6 (SM-G920I) - (7.0) - VFJ NEW!
Galaxy S6 (SM-G920I) - (7.0) - COE NEW!
Galaxy S6 (SM-G920I) - (7.0) - ZTR NEW!
Galaxy S6 (SM-G920I) - (7.0) - New zeland (NZC) NEW!
Galaxy S6 (SM-G920I) - (7.0) - New zealand (TNZ) NEW!
Galaxy S6 (SM-G920I) - (7.0) - New zealand (vodafone) NEW!
Galaxy ON7 (SM-G610F) - (6.0.1) - Vietnam (XXV) NEW!
Galaxy ON7 (SM-G610F) - (6.0.1) - CAM NEW!
Galaxy ON7 (SM-G610F) - (6.0.1) - Thailand (THL) NEW!
Galaxy S6 (SM-G920W8) - (7.0) - Canada (telus) NEW!
Galaxy S6 (SM-G920W8) - (7.0) - FMC NEW!
Galaxy S6 (SM-G920W8) - (7.0) - ESK NEW!
Galaxy S6 (SM-G920W8) - (7.0) - Canada (rogers) NEW!
Galaxy S6 (SM-G920W8) - (7.0) - MTA NEW!
Galaxy S6 (SM-G920W8) - (7.0) - Canada (koodo mobile) NEW!
Galaxy S7 Edge (SM-G935F) - (7.0) - Hungary (XEH) NEW!
Galaxy S7 Edge (SM-G935F) - (7.0) - Brazil (ZTO) NEW!
Galaxy S7 Edge (SM-G935F) - (7.0) - Iraq (MID) NEW!
Galaxy S7 Edge (SM-G935F) - (7.0) - Spain (movistar) NEW!
Galaxy S6 Edge (SM-G925W8) - (7.0) - MTA NEW!
Galaxy S6 Edge (SM-G925W8) - (7.0) - Canada (rogers) NEW!
Galaxy S6 Edge (SM-G925W8) - (7.0) - Canada (koodo mobile) NEW!
Galaxy S6 Edge (SM-G925W8) - (7.0) - ESK NEW!
Galaxy S6 Edge (SM-G925W8) - (7.0) - Canada (telus) NEW!
Galaxy S6 Edge (SM-G925W8) - (7.0) - FMC NEW!
Galaxy S6 Edge (SM-G925W8) - (7.0) - MTA NEW!
Galaxy S6 Edge (SM-G925W8) - (7.0) - Canada (rogers) NEW!
Galaxy S6 Edge (SM-G925W8) - (7.0) - Canada (XAC) NEW!


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