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YouMobile® team will be present at Techne Summit 2015 event at Alexandria,Egypt displaying our website update tracking services and the technology we are using, We also gonna announce our future plans on improving our website and services and what we have currently in-development. Make sure to visit our booth if you are in Egypt!


What is Techne Summit ?


Techne Summit is a two-day (24th - 25th) international technology event that will act as a platform including the main global players in the technology industry, namely: the top international industry professionals as technology businesses, entrepreneurs and startups, investors, featuring the Top Technology Speakers in the world, users and media representatives.




The event will present networking opportunities and open up possibilities for various business collaboration between parties, particularly those that pertain to grow in the Middle East and Africa region.


Techne Summit is an annual event that will kick off in October 2015 at the iconic Bibliotheca Alexandrina in the Mediterranean city of Alexandria in Egypt.


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htc one m9


An HTC One M9 online retail listing shows that the flagship device will be available before the end of this month. The retail giant B&H listed the smartphone with March 25 launch date and $649 price tag. Unlike the Samsung Galaxy S6 which will launch on April,1st.


The launch date and the price tag were quickly removed from the listing by the retailer, so we might indeed have seen the actual launch date of HTC One M9. B&H has a stellar track record as a retailer, so there is little reason to doubt its listing.



google talk


Google will be deprecating the Google Talk application for Windows. Google stopped allowing people to download the app long time ago but you can still continue using it, that is, until February 25,th.


Google already has a replacement in the form of Hangouts, which has been around for over a year now, and includes a lot more features, such as group messaging, audio and video calls, and emoji support.


If, however, you use Google Talk on a third party application, such as Pidgin, to access Google Talk, you can continue to use it for now, as only the Windows desktop app of Google Talk is being deprecated for now. However, it is still recommended to switch over to Hangouts for all the additional functionality you are getting.





Motorola is slowly letting people in the media know that it has something planned for February,25th, which is next Wednesday. On that day, the company will be making an exciting announcement.


It's an unconventional product launch, that's for sure. Motorola is sending media outlets a mysterious box, which is set to arrive at their doorsteps on the aforementioned date. The contents of the box haven't been revealed yet, but apparently "everything you need fits inside one box".


So those who will receive these boxes will be "in the front row" for the announcement thanks to what's in the box. It's all rather puzzling.



Today we turn our attention to the slightly older and mid-range handsets and tablets on our list of latest firmware updates. If you are using one of these older ones, you should find this list to be helpful. Do go through the tutorial first to know how you can flash a custom ROM with Odin3.

Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (6.0.1) - Colombia (movistar) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (6.0.1) - Australia (telstra) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (6.0.1) - Czech republic (O2C) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (6.0.1) - Argentina (ANC) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (6.0.1) - XEG NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (6.0.1) - Slovakia (TMS) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (6.0.1) - Ireland (meteor) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (6.0.1) - Serbia (telenor) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (6.0.1) - Italy (h3g) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (6.0.1) - Italy (wind) NEW!
Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 (SM-T819Y) - (7.0) - XNZ NEW!
Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 (SM-T819Y) - (7.0) - Nepal (NPL) NEW!
Samsung Galaxy J5 (SM-G570F) - (6.0.1) - United arab emirates (XSG) NEW!
Samsung Galaxy J5 (SM-G570F) - (6.0.1) - United arab emirates (XSG) NEW!
Samsung Galaxy J5 (SM-G570F) - (6.0.1) - India (INS) NEW!
Samsung Galaxy J5 (SM-G570F) - (6.0.1) - Ukraine (kyivstar) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A510F) - (7.0) - Everything everywhere (uk) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A510F) - (7.0) - Poland (XEO) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A510F) - (7.0) - Germany (DBT) NEW!
Galaxy S6 Edge (SM-G925W8) - (7.0) - Canada (bell) NEW!
Galaxy S6 Edge (SM-G925W8) - (7.0) - FMC NEW!
Galaxy S6 (SM-G920W8) - (7.0) - Wind mobile (GLW) NEW!
Galaxy S6 (SM-G920W8) - (7.0) - Canada (XAC) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A510F) - (7.0) - Germany (vodafone) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A510F) - (7.0) - Portugal (vodafone) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A510F) - (7.0) - Netherlands (vodafone) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A510F) - (7.0) - Israel (orange/partner) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A510F) - (7.0) - Croatia (vipnet) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A510F) - (7.0) - Hungary (vodafone) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A510F) - (7.0) - Slovenia (si.mobil) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A510F) - (7.0) - Spain (vodafone) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A510F) - (7.0) - United kingdom (o2) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A510F) - (7.0) - Austria (a1) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A510F) - (7.0) - Belgium / luxemburg NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A510F) - (7.0) - Czech republic (vodafone) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A510F) - (7.0) - Italy (vodafone) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A510F) - (7.0) - Switzerland (swisscom) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A510F) - (7.0) - Romania (vodafone) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A510F) - (7.0) - United kingdom (vodafone) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A510F) - (7.0) - Italy (TIM) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A510F) - (7.0) - Cyprus (CYV) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A510F) - (7.0) - Germany (o2) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A510F) - (7.0) - Greece (cosmote) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A510F) - (7.0) - Romania (cosmote) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A510F) - (7.0) - Macedonia (MBM) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A510F) - (7.0) - Netherlands (t-mobile) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A510F) - (7.0) - Poland (t-mobile) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A510F) - (7.0) - Hungary (t-mobile) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A510F) - (7.0) - Slovakia (TMS) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A510F) - (7.0) - DPL NEW!


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