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In a Chinese court, Samsung has recently been fined for copyright infringement against Huawei's intellectual property. The major patent battle was initiated when the Chinese company sued Samsung by claiming that more than twenty of Samsung's smartphones have violated Huawei's patented graphical arrangement systems. If you are wondering what that means, it basically means that Huawei had exclusive rights to a certain pattern of icon arrangement systems and similar things, but Samsung allegedly used the same techniques in some of their own smartphones, thereby violating the patent. The fine or compensation stands at 80 million yuan/11.6 million USD, which Samsung will now have to pay Huawei as per the decision of the court.

In response to the decision, Samsung had this to say, "We will thoroughly review the court's decision and determine appropriate responses."
Huawei on the other hand was naturally pleased with the court's decision and mentioned that the company "notes the court's decision in this case."

A spokesperson for the Chinese smartphone manufacturer further added the following lines,

"Huawei believes that respecting and protecting the intellectual property of others enables all companies to make a return on our R&D investments."

"We maintain that respect for intellectual property promotes innovation and healthy, sustained growth in the industry."


Saikat Kar (tech-enthusiast)

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 chinese version is getting the Android 5.0.2 update. See deatils below.

Samsung rolled out the firmware update for SM-T705C, and the latest firmware version is T705CZCU1BOJ4 .

Galaxy Tab S 8.4 Firmware Details :
Model Name: Galaxy Tab S 8.4
Model: SM-T705C
Country: CHC
Firmware Version: T705CZCU1BOJ4
OS: Android Lollipop
OS Version: 5.0.2
Build Date: October 26, 2015
Changelist: 6095880

Don't forget to use our ODIN 3 Tutorial to learn how to manually flash the Firmware above into your Samsung device safely and easily.


Samsung might have released Android 9 Pie for the Galaxy Note 9 in a number of countries, but China is still not in the list of the lucky nations unfortunately. However, the latest Note from Samsung is receiving the latest Android security patch in the region and it comes in as firmware version N9600ZCS1ARL7. While I am pretty sure that Chinese readers would have been a lot more glad to hear about the OS upgrade than hearing about just the January patch, it is an important security update nonetheless and if it has arrived on your smartphone already, we suggest you get it installed as soon as possible to secure your Galaxy Note 9 against the security threats.

As per Samsung Mobiles China, they will update the Galaxy S9, S9+ and the Galaxy Note 9 with Android 9 Pie, by the end of February. As of now, users in India, UAE, South Korea and Germany have confirmed that they are receiving the OS update in their respective regions, so let's hope that Note 9 users from the rest of the world are also able to join them soon enough.

Saikat Kar


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