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Google translate is one of the most useful apps out there and now it will allow you to translate text without even having to switch between the app you are currently in and Google Translate. In supported messaging applications like Whatsapp, all you will need to do is copy the text that you want to translate and an option to use Google Translate will become available on the spot. You will however, need to be running at least Android version 4.2 (the later the better) to avail the feature though.

Apple users on the other hand, will get access to the offline translation feature on Google Translate for the first time. One may say that it's a little late though as the ability to translate without an active internet connection has been a part of the Android OS versions for quite a while now. Nevertheless, Google has improved upon the feature by compressing the 52 downloadable language packs to roughly 25MB each. The summary is that both iOS users and Android users of the Google Translate will be getting updates, albeit with varying added functionalities.

Saikat Kar (tech-enthusiast)



Google has released a new update for the YouTube app for Android devices with a capability to trim videos before uploading to YouTube.


Select a video from the phone using the YouTube app and it will show you the new trimming interface. With that, the users can simply tap and swipe the scroll switch to choose an exact frame.


With new scroll switches you can now select the precise frames as start and end of the video. Not only that, you can also watch the video preview of your trimmed video before uploading it to YouTube.


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