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It's finally here, Google's Hangouts App is now being updated with Voice Integration. Today, Google Voice is being rolled into Hangouts which will enable Voice SMS and voicemail via a popup in the conversation list. Go check your Hang-outs App Now.




Parts of this seems to be working fine, but others not so much. For example, messages sent to your Google Voice number will appear in Hangouts (mobile and desktop) just fine. Replies, however, appear to be busted in both locations right now. Presumably this is all just a bump in the road early in deployment. Of course, someone might have simply thrown the switch too soon.


Also note that if you turn on Voice integration, your Voice app will stop receiving messages-everything will go straight to Hangouts. The Voice website will also be updated with a notice that your texts and voicemail are being routed to Hangouts. The Voice Chrome extension will be able to send SMS, but it won't receive them anymore. Hangouts App should get another update during this week for full Google voice integration.






Google Inbox App for Android updated to v1.2 with some improvements to this Email BETA Platform. Google posted a change-log for this update and it includes some new Features along with Android wear Integration and lots of bug fixes.


Inbox v1.2


What's New in Inbox 1.2 :

• Improved tablet experience.
• Works with Android Wear-view messages, mark as done and reply without taking out your phone.
• Suggestions as you type (or tap!) help you create Reminders faster .
• Bug fixes.


Inbox 1.2 brings a much needed improvements to the Tablet's UI, makes the UI more compact. Android Wear Integration is now fully-integrated with the App to display Inbox notifications and also reply to your email using your Smartwatch and your Voice only.


Inbox 1.2


Get Inbox v1.2 official APK from the link below. You'll still need an invitation to make this App work. If you need one, YouMobile can send you an invitation, just leave a comment below.



Google Inbox 1.2 [APK]


Google Inbox 1.2 [Play]



Smart TVs is the new TV, they are available in HD, UHD and 4K resolutions with endless features on them. Samsung is controlling the Smart TV market with the highest units sales in 2013-2014. Well, 2015 is coming and the speculations about what's New in the upcoming next generation Smart TVs is going around the web.




Samsung is said to focus more on fitness applications and Mobile Integration on its 2015 Smart TVs line-up. Fitness Apps are getting high-demand from users on mobile platforms and wearable devices, using these feature will you to take a Yoga class remotely from home but on a bigger screen and more space to move with a wide-angle camera.


smart TV


These new Smart TVs is expected to be announced on the CES 2015 next year, we don't have any info about the design or the price of these new TV sets but expect a High-one.




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