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Without modern technology, online casinos cannot exist. When the first online gambling program was driven on the Internet, the quality of the sound and graphics left much to be wanted. 2D graphics always took to burden due to the slow Internet back then. This is why several players still chose to play at physical casinos.


This scenario has changed remarkably over the last decade or so. Nowadays, numerous players even prefer playing online due to the quality of the games provided and, particularly, the opportunity to play live roulette or other table games with a live dealer.


Picking the casino with the best online live choices for playing roulette is not a simple task. Luckily, there is lots of information to be found in this article and I hope it will help you make a choice. But, finding out more about the role of live roulette technology and how such online casinos work is also essential.


Live casinos are a nearly new form of gambling, which describes the activity that takes place in the traditional casino venues. Though the player is allowed to place a bet from the convenience of their home, and according to people with experience of the matter, live casinos offer a genuine payback interest to players. While some demand that only slots have a better RTP, others think the table games to bring higher advantages despite the fixed house edge. Numbers show that overall, live casinos and brick and mortar casinos have nearly the same payback interests.


What makes the live casinos so interesting is that the games are controlled in real time by a human dealer and players are allowed to take part in the game through a console on their system. In case they have a problem or need help, live chat is among the useful functions.


Live casinos that act to be reliable and famous on a global level use software of the heads in the gaming business such as Playtech, Microgaming, Realtime Gaming.


Despite being universally popular among players, live games need the casino to make a significant investment in staff and technology. An average casino studio usually employs a camera operator, croupiers, an information technology administrator and a pit manager. Specifically, the liabilities associated with the live dealer casinos are among the leading causes for the small number of games they provide. Most of them have blackjack, baccarat, and roulette available. In contrast, the cost of going virtual games is much economical.


The physical activities made by the dealer are turned into data used by the software or to be more accurate, by the aka Optical Character Recognition (OCR). The latter allows the player to take a role in the casino action without even seeing a difference between the land-based casino and the live dealer casino. Also, the outcomes of the games are decided by a human instead of being an automatic process.


Roulette Game and Modern Technology


Designed back in France during the 18th century, roulette has come to a long process. The following of the table game with a large wheel and a small ball is probably because it is quite simple to learn, play and understand.


Roulette has become one of the most participated games at online casinos. There are several variants of modern roulette game such as American, European and French (we will discuss it later). The online variants of the game were invented so that these would be even easier to understand.


How Does Online Roulette Work?


The basic rules of a roulette game are based on placing bets on one number, a group of numbers, an odd/even number or red/black. This implements to both traditional and online live roulette. Once all bets are set, the wheel positioned on the roulette table is rotated, and the small ball inside begins flowing. The number where it eventually arrives is the winning one. The complete layout of the betting field, as well as the kinds of the bet, are the equivalent for old-fashioned and online roulette.


In the case of traditional roulette, the ball settles in a pocket when the wheel falls force and finally stops rotating. For online roulette games though, the outcome of the spin is planned by an RNG (random number generator). This suggests that the roulette software determines upon a random number using advanced algorithms. Technically observed, the ball falls as randomly as with a physical roulette table.


One of the most notable differences within the traditional game and online roulette game is the use of advanced technology. Top gaming organizations such as Real-time Gaming, Microgaming, and Playtech have been expanding and upgrading the software applied for online casino games over the times.


The advantage drawn along by live roulette technology is the design of the online roulette games. It is much simpler for players to keep a record of their bets gratitude to the digital representation. When you play traditional roulette, you have to write all the things down or try to memorize every bet you set. Further, bets can be placed immediately with a few clicks or taps on the betting table.


Following are the types of live roulette game:


1.     American Roulette - American Roulette is almost as famous as European roulette and has most of the same controls and strategies. The game differs in one crucial approach, though, which is that an American Roulette board includes an additional space - the double zero, which gives the house a slightly higher edge than in other forms.


2.     European Roulette - It is a single zero variant of the game and the one you're easiest with. The single zero implies that the game has a lower house edge, so you are possible to get better interest on your bet. Several live casinos all offer this, the most popular type of the game.



3. French Roulette - French and European live roulette receive a similar 37-compartment wheel, though all the figures on the board are painted red in the Gallic form. This is a concern of aesthetics, as some of the numbers are still supposed black. There is also the continued design of the "La Partage" rule, whereby a player suffers only half their cash if the ball arrives on an unmarked zero.


The Concept of the Game


The main idea is that a real dealer spins a real roulette wheel under an HD camera from one of several casino workrooms around the globe. You place your bet with your mouse, by ticking on the chip name and then on the betting plate. Once the spin is finished, your bets are automatically established by the software, and you are set to bet on the next spin.


Which workroom you play at will depend on your place and the casino site you pick. Some casinos are enormous for their branded tables. Most serving tables from popular companies, who get the economy of system work.


It assists with link speeds to be near your studio, so you'll notice them in Central America, Europe, and Asia - each looking after several goes. To a lesser amount, this helps keep the games going 24 hours too. Beautiful female croupiers are a big draw, though there are lots of male dealers too.


There are numerous options while you play. The main difference with the live casino games is that you have a one-to-one chat feature. You can use a chat window to talk to either other players or the dealer. Dealers will communicate by speaking. You can also change the camera viewpoint, view the history of the last spins or your previous bets and call support system hit any technical glitches.  A point to keep in mind is that the spins are clocked. Unlike the virtual games, if you do not take your bet on in time, then the game proceeds without you. If you are used to being the one to determine when the wheel spins, then you'll require to get used to these features. Since numerous people are betting on the same spin, there is no requirement for you to play every time and you are appreciated to watch if you like.


Where to Place the Bets?


Most roulette betting options are simply labeled - you can select single numbers, groups of numbers (1st 12, for instance), black or red, various columns, odds or evens, etc.


A large variety of split bet options is also possible depending on where you place your chips on the strings on the table. For single number bet or the group of numbers, your chips go in the center of the cases.


Placing your bet on the strings provides several more choices:


•    On a string at either end of a row = bets on all numbers in the series.


•    On a string between two numbers = breaks your bet over two numbers.


•    On the crossing between two rows = bets on all numbers in the two series


•    On the crossing between numbers = bets on all the numbers involved


When to Place the Bets?


Between each spin, after the table is cleaned of winnings and failures, you'll be given approximately a minute to bet on the table. You can continue betting till the dealer declares that betting is stopped, like "No more bets." This is after the wheel has been turned and the ball has been thrown into it. You can wait till the ball is in action before betting, but never place any more bets on the table, when the dealer has declared that betting is done.


Key Advantages of Playing Live Roulette


Copying the live casino adventure. If you want to assume like you are playing at a real casino (a casino in Las Vegas), the live roulette reality is undoubtedly for you.


The European Roulette game is the model for Live Roulette, meaning the house edge is almost low, and the possibilities of winning are relatively high.


Regular Players are usually identified by good live dealers; enabling the player to have excellent discussions or maybe even attempt and convince the dealer to help the ball land in their favor!


Communicating with the dealer through the chat window can make the game more enjoyable and friendly. Dealers will usually speak to you as you are playing, and you will be ready to type something into the chat that they will be able to understand. While this can take a little longer than traditional online casino games, it combines a great deal of fun to the gaming experience.


By socializing with a real croupier, you can learn a little more as to how roulette works, as they will generally do an excellent work of describing what is going on and how things will happen. This will turn into better practices if you play in a traditional brick-and-mortar casino down the street.




Live casinos are a modification which enables players to enjoy their favorite table game at the convenience of their home in real time with real dealers. There is no call anymore for the players to consume themselves from hours of traveling until they reach their target and then find an excellent roulette table. All of this can now be quickly executed whenever and wherever they want, and the experience they will get from the game will be just as appealing, maybe even more.


The advanced technologies in use can offer players with the opportunity to observe the whole gaming process, see how the cards are distributed in front of them in games such as Blackjack or how the wheel is turned when Roulette is played. These activities are implemented in real time by trained dealers who have experienced extensive training and education to be able to give players the best pleasant action. Further, this way not only a very high level of enthusiasm is accomplished but also any difficulties regarding the integrity of the game are gone. Live roulette is one of the very entertaining and lucrative table games.

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Roulette is one of the oldest games on the casino floor, attracting players of all kinds with the help of its exciting and highly rewarding nature. It presents players with the challenge of guessing the outcome of the ball spin, a seemingly impossible task, and a massive prize for those that hit the right numbers. In order to limit the house advantage and increase their odds of getting a payout, roulette players have resorted to all kinds of tricks and strategies; ultimately adding aides in the form of gadgets.


Types of Roulette Gadgets for the Modern World


Nowadays, roulette gadgets come in several different shapes, approaching the game from various angles in order to provide the most accurate prediction possible for a top payout. These include:


  • Google Glasses – The smart glasses by Google can help players beat the roulette wheel with the help of apps that can be installed and accessed straight from its virtual screen. Once they enter the relevant parameters about the wheel and ball spins, the software processes it and provides the range of fields where the ball is most likely to land, significantly increasing the player’s odds of hitting a win. Some have been banned from casinos for using these devices for that purpose.
  • Smartphone Apps – The smartphone’s widespread use and increased performances enable it to act as a useful roulette gadget. All players need to do is install a compatible roulette app onto their smartphone – it works the same way as the ones described above.
  • Roulette Computers – Generally, these roulette computers are gadgets that account for the velocity of the wheel and the ball, and through a complex equation determine the deceleration and ultimately, the ball’s landing point or range. Players get a hidden button or clicker that they are supposed to press every time the ball or the zero field of the wheel pass the preset reference point. Ultimately, a sound impulse via a wireless earpiece indicates the prediction as precisely as possible. While the newer computers offer greater precision for higher payout odds, other such gadgets are complete scams, providing unreliable results and tricking players out of their money.

Is Using a Roulette Gadget Legal?


Now that you are aware of some of the leading roulette gadgets and the way they function, you should also check for their legality within their jurisdiction. Firm claims have been made towards this matter, as it is mainly considered that a practice is illegal in cases when it is influencing the outcome of the game. Such would be the case with tilted, biased wheels that disreputable casino operators use in order to decrease the players’ payout odds. Here, roulette gadgets simply provide a prediction to the potential outcome of the spin of the wheel and in no way affect the end result. Afterwards, players use it during the final spins of the wheel before ‘no more bets’ is declared, and bet on the range nearest to the gadget’s calculations. Numerous jurisdictions and legal systems have taken on a different attitude towards such gadgets, as well as the casino’s authority to decide upon their use. Thus, some countries have fully legalized the use of said devices when placing their roulette bets. Others have banned the practice altogether. Another group of jurisdictions have left the issue in the hands of the operators themselves. Important: Always check to see if your local casino or local laws have any rules on these gadgets before considering using one!


Do Roulette Gadgets Actually Work?


Land-based casinos are suitable environments for players to employ roulette computers to their own profit. This is unlikely to go unnoticed, as their winning bets will most likely be placed right before the ‘no more bets’ call. They might even get distracted and confused during the clicking process. As hard as they try to hide these signs by placing various bets and focusing as intently as possible, casino staff has a way of identifying them. Casino policies need to comply with the law, and unless it is officially illegal, such establishments need to provide a payout. However, they may enforce their own rules such as permanently banning the player off the premises. Some may even go as far as reporting it to the relevant authorities or to other casinos. The same goes when playing live dealer roulette online, as the gameplay is taking place on an actual roulette wheel. Nevertheless, the lack of staff surveillance in such game formats has prompted online casino operators allow betting solely prior to the ball release so that players can’t make use of their roulette computers. Classic online casinos offering software roulette games don’t have to deal with this issue at all, as their outcomes are completely random. This is so due to the Random Number Generators running on such online casino platforms, ensuring the outcome of the roulette wheel is unpredictable at all times. Thus, while it may take some time to get into the habit of the gadget’s mechanism, it is definitely worth a try at any of your preferred land-based establishments or live dealer roulette tables.


So when it comes to Roulette for the mobile, there's a handful of choices available to everyone. With all of the different options, it can seem like there's a lot to try and figure out. The most important question of them all being "is roulette for mobile the solution?". Freetips.com decided to take a look at how you get started with something like this, so let's begin by diving into the world of roulette for the mobile.


Spin the Wheel of Choice


You have a lot of options available when you're looking at the world of roulette for your phone. The standard edition is easily noticeable, being played at tables all across Europe and America, so for an authentic casino experience, you'll want to head there first. There's a considerable number of other options to think about too, so let's talk about them as well. First of all, you've got simulation games. These use the cutting-edge graphics your phone was made to handle and create virtual representations of tables and games for your entertainment.


Real-life dealers are also a popular option. This takes all the excitement of the casino and makes it so you can play from your sofa. You do this by taking part in a live game, where the dealer can communicate with you and other players via webcam, and it feels a lot like you're in a casino playing. It's often massively enjoyed. The dealers are often trained to the same professional standard that you find everywhere else, so quality is assured. It's often done via live video too, so there's no chance of you missing out on the action or anything.


Understanding the Rules


A firm understanding of live roulette and how it works is the best thing you can have to enjoy the game and maximise your chances of winning entirely. The rules are the same as if you were in a proper casino, but we'll go over them in case you're new to the experience.


All bets are placed onto what is known as a betting mat. This mat contains information on all of the different bets, numbers and combinations of bets that you could make. The first way to do this is also the most popular - you place a wager on either red or black. These colours refer to different sections of the roulette board, and there are also numbers in each of the segments that you can bet on too. The traditional odds for this are 2-1 for the red/black variants and 36-1 on the number bets. You can also bet correctly on whether the result is odd or even, high or low - there's a lot of options. However, watch out for 0 or 00 in America. This denotes a fail on any wager, so it's something that you'll hopefully avoid. You'll get money when all the bets have been placed, and the wheel has been spun. The winnings are distributed to players according to how much they bet and if the ball landed on their chosen number/colour, and then it's onto the next round. 




Roulette is a classic game which has stood the test of time. From its 17th century origins, the casino staple has been consistently popular due to its low house edge, ease of play and element of luck. Since the start of the digital age and the rise in online casinos, Roulette has evolved into more than just the classic wheel. There are many different variations of the game to choose from, and here we are going to take a closer look at some of them. If these games sound right up your street, grab your electronic device and play online casino here.


Mini Roulette


When you think that Roulette couldn't become any simpler, it does. Mini Roulette, as you'd expect from its name, is a smaller version of the traditional game. Like the classic, you're aiming to predict where the ball will land when the wheel is spun. But unlike European Roulette, which has 37 pockets, and its American counterpart which has 38, this scaled-down game has only 13 slots (numbers 1-12 and a zero).


The odds for inside bets are different from the traditional game, with a street paying out 3:1 as opposed to 11:1, and a straight paying out 11:1 instead of 35:1. While at first glance the odds may not exactly be appealing, if you're looking for a speedier and simpler version of Roulette, the Mini variation is for you.


Pinball Roulette


What happens when two fast-paced classic games collide? They create a fun hybrid, which captures the essence of both. Pinball Roulette is almost like a Slot, with bright colours, flashing lights and music.


Unlike both European and American Roulette, this variation features 36 numbered coloured pockets (still in the famous red, black and green), and instead of a traditional spinning wheel the game screen is a chequered pinball wheel. Like the arcade classic, players have to shoot the plastic ball into the playing field, wait for it to finish bouncing around and see where it lands. In the essence of Roulette, players must decide where they think the ball will land.


For those with less time (or patience), there are auto bet and turbo bet functions. But the real gamechanger is the bonus round. Gamble your winnings in the hope of landing a decent multiplier - anything up to ten times your stake. It's unlike any other Roulette game you've ever played before.


Superman Roulette


You've seen themed Slots in online casinos, but what about themed Roulette? Channel your inner superhero with a Superman-themed experience. Containing visuals from the famous franchise, including the iconic logo and colour scheme, fans will be in their element.


As well as all the standard Roulette bets, the game features a Superman Bonus bet for a chance to win up to 726 times your initial stake. Not only that, this particular game features a progressive jackpot! Trigger the DC Super Heroes function to win one of four life-changing amounts on any spin and be transferred to the bonus screen. Make sure you pick Superman symbols to win multipliers and reveal your cash bonus.


There is a superhero in all of us, we just need the courage to put on the cape. Are you feeling lucky?



Roulette is one of the defining games of the casino industry, and it has been gracing gambling floors since the eighteenth century. The game has managed to weather the test of time thanks to a simple yet engaging gameplay strategy that has maintained striking similarity over the years. Roulette, like all other casino games, is dependent on luck for payouts. Even so, gamblers can apply some pointers to help increase the odds of winning without necessarily guaranteeing one. Numerous techniques can be used from claiming a no deposit bonus in roulette casinos to choosing one variation over the other. This piece touches on these approaches, along with others that have proved effective.

1.     Understand gameplay rules

Roulette applies one of the most straightforward gameplay strategies that accommodate punters of varying capabilities. The standard procedure is to place the desired bet on the number one thinks the small ball will fall in. Players can locate free roulette options in nearly every online gambling establishment that includes the game category. The demo version is fitted with fun credits that are used as wagers in the place of actual money. These variations apply the same regulations as the real money ones, which makes them ideal candidates for the venture.

2.               Play in a trustworthy casino

Real money roulette gameplay on the web can only be conducted in casinos. With thousands of options laid out, it can be confusing to come to a decision on which one to take your business to. Even though most gaming sites meet the requirements for high gambling standard, gamblers should note that there are rogue dens that operate with loose moral codes. One of the most effective ways to single out an ideal casino is by looking through their licensing information. Licensed casinos are usually regulated, which keeps them in line with specific standards for player satisfaction. 

3.               Claim bonuses

Bonuses and promotions are nothing new in nearly all roulette casinos since their provision has grown into a tradition. Punters can claim these offers and use them for gameplay in their chosen roulette sets. Even though it does not change the winning odds, the losses encountered will not dent the player's wallet. When taking up these offers, however, one should be keen to read through the terms and conditions attached to them. Some incentives are restricted for use in specific games while others are not cleared effectively of their playthrough requirement using roulette. 

4.               Choose European over American Roulette

Roulette comes in numerous variations, and the main ones are European and American Roulette. The American version, which spots two zero pockets, was the first variation of the game. European Roulette came into the picture later on as a creation of the Blanc Brothers, with one of the two zero pockets removed. Therefore, the game spots 37 instead of 38 pockets on the wheel. This drop increases the winning odds in European Roulette with a house edge of 2.7%. The American version has a higher edge of 5.36%.

5.               Place outside bets

Roulette accommodates a wide range of stakes that are placed in two classes - inside and outside bets. The former is the category of wagers on a single number or a small group of up to six of them. Outside bets consist of more significant stakes of between twelve and eighteen numbers. Since outside bets cover a large portion of the wheel, their chances of being landed are high, but the winnings they provide are smaller than those of inside bets. Colour, high/low, and parity stakes have the highest winning odds of one to one since they cover eighteen of the thirty-six numbers.

6.               Exploit La Partage and En Prison rules

La Partage and En Prison are additional rules featured in French Roulette, which is a variation of European Roulette. When the first rule is applied, players receive half their wager if the ball lands in the single zero pocket. The En Prison rule holds the gamer's stake hostage when the zero pocket is landed. The ball is spun one more time, and if the correct results appear, then one gets their stake back. Both of these rules only apply to even money bets.

7.               Use strategies

In the lengthy time roulette has been around, people have crafted various ways to try and beat the odds. One of these strategies is the Martingale, which requires players to double their stake after a loss and go back to the original value after a win. Another one is the Fibonacci Strategy, which follows the Fibonacci sequence to determine stakes. Each of these strategies comes with the promise of profits in the long run, but numerous risks are involved.

Final Comments

Increasing the odds of winning in roulette is possible, but it is never an assurance of a sure win. The game is dependent on chance, and even with the application of these pointers, gamers should play within a budget to avoid incurring massive losses.



The beauty of online casinos isn't just that you can play Roulette online for real money, but that you can get the thrill of sitting at a table in Macau or Las Vegas from the comfort of your own home, or on the move via the amazing live rooms. Real-life versions of games on online casinos are hugely popular, and you'll be spoilt for choice when you're looking for a game to play. But, what are the best games? Read on to find out.


Live Quantum Roulette


Quantum Roulette is a single-zero Roulette game with the thrill of an added multiplier. Whilst the wheel still features the standard European numbers, zero to 36, it also features Quantum Multipliers that can boost Straight Up positions randomly during each spin, enhancing the possible payouts on your numbered bets.


Only Straight Up bets and those inside the Neighbours, Complete, Half-Complete, Jeu 0, Orphelins, Jeu 7/9, and Finales en Plein positions can be enhanced by the Quantum Multipliers, although you can still place other regular Roulette bets, like red or back and odd or even.


A multiplier is randomly added to a Straight Up number before each spin. If the ball lands on that number your stake will be increased by the number shown, from 50x up to a maximum of 500x the original payout. You could walk away with some impressive winnings if the game goes in your favour!


Live Spread Bet Roulette


This action-packed variant of Roulette features two wheels instead of one - adding extra thrills to the classic brick-and-mortar game. A table top single-zero wheel and an extra golden wheel spin at the same time, but in different directions. However, when both wheels grind to a halt, the pocket the ball lands in on the table top wheel is added to the number in the golden wheel that's aligned with the winning number to work out the Spread Bet Roulette outcome.


The golden digitalised wheel has two spinning sections. The outer rim is a representation of the table top wheel, whilst the golden inner rim spins in the opposite direction. Although once they stop spinning the number the ball has landed on in the table top wheel aligns with the number on the gold rim to create the spread bet result.


There is also the ‘Green Win' rule, which means you could win double the amount placed on any spread bet positions when the balls rolls into the single-zero pocket.


Live Age of the Gods Roulette


Part of the huge Playtech franchise, this live room is aptly set in an ancient temple, with a stone Roulette table and appropriately branded Age of the Gods wheel.


This variant is basically played out the same way as regular Roulette, although the set, massive wheel and four progressive jackpots, catapult it into contention for one of the best live Roulette games you'll find online.


With every spin of the wheel, a small amount of the punter's wagers goes towards the four-tiers of progressive jackpots - Power, Extra Power, Super Power and Ultimate Power. These jackpots, which range from £100 to a whopping six-figure sum, can be won on any spin.


If you're lucky enough to trigger a jackpot winning spin, a screen will appear with 20 coins and you'll need to attempt to match three identical coins. The first three coins you match will be the jackpot that you win. Here's hoping it's the Ultimate Power!




Casino games are entertaining and a great choice to pass time. Besides the exciting visuals and themes, gamers are thrilled by the massive wins they can earn after a spin. It even gets better when games offer jackpots that guarantee mega wins to some lucky man. As time goes by, developers continue to invent new features that are more entertaining.

However, despite the entertaining aspect, the games can get addictive, and you might end up spending more than what you intended. There also comes the temptation of playing even where there are legal restrictions to do so. In extreme cases, you may end up suffering mental, personal, and financial consequences. To uphold responsible gambling, roulette players are advised to observe the following precautions.

Create a Separate Bankroll for Gambling

Essentially, if you decide to play online roulette game real money, you have to exercise the utmost financial discipline. Have a separate budget for gambling. In this sense, never use money meant for rent or food to place your bets. Worse enough, do not dare to bet with borrowed money. Bet only with the extra cash that you gain on your income. Alternatively, you can accumulate this amount and place huge bets if you are a big roller.

Know When to Leave

If you have played roulette before, you will testify that it is very difficult to abandon the game either when you are winning or when you are on a losing streak. The best tip is to leave to avoid the agony of losing more money. This is also the ultimate test of your discipline in gaming. If you can successfully walk away when you are losing as comfortably as when you are winning, then you are in control. You can easily achieve this by setting both win and loss limit so that you leave whenever you reach either of them.

When Losing, Do Not Increase Your Bets

Roulette games can punish you severely if you increase your bets during a losing streak. The games require careful progression, especially if you have your strict limits, and you are in control. It is even advisable for a player to abandon the game to save money that would otherwise be lost through the bets. The urge to restore lost money will tempt the gamer to gamble with the money that could be meant for other purposes.

Play While Sober

When you visit land-bade casinos or play casino games online, you must have a clear mind of what you intend to do. Have an understanding of the game before you begin placing bets. If you allow yourself to be over-agitated, it might trigger you to go chasing your losses, which, in most cases, lead to more losses. In case you win, keep your cool and do not be overexcited. In the same way, if you lose, don't let it get to your head.

Save a Portion of Your Earnings

If you are on a winning streak, just 5 spins can earn you massive sums of money, especially if your wager is big. If you are lucky enough to win a jackpot, the roulette game can significantly change your life. As such, you must have a saving strategy where you spare part of your fortunes and use the rest for placing more bets. If you continue to wager all the money that you have accrued, you may end up losing all of it in just a couple of spins. 

However, do not treat gambling as your source of income since most of the wins are based on luck, and you will not always be lucky. It is quite detrimental if you set your mind to believe that gambling can sustain your livelihood. In the event that you lose the bets, you will have no profits to talk about. Remember that playing roulette is simply a source of entertainment.

Final Thoughts

The gambling industry is gaining popularity each day, especially among the younger generation. Games like roulette are now common in almost all countries that permit betting. The future holds more developments in the game; therefore, more people will be attracted to it. While it is a source of entertainment, it is upon gamers to establish their goals and play responsibly. There are negative impacts that can ruin society if individual players do not manage their gambling behavior. It is a socio-economic problem that many governments are trying to solve by engaging stakeholders. However, such efforts will only be successful if individual gamers decide to engage in responsible gambling.


Since as early as the 17th century, Roulette has delivered mystery and excitement in equal measure to casino-goers - and it certainly hasn't slowed down in the digital age. The classic casino pursuit which is as much about risk as it is reward continues to delight. Online, you'll be able to find both original versions of the game: American and European Roulette, as well as games with the French rules and new variations with modern twists. Let's explain all you need to know before playing the game and if you're attracted to the glamour and mystique, join in the fun at Megalotto.

Basic rules

It doesn't matter whether you're playing in a land-based casino or online at home, the rules are much the same. Follow three simple steps:

  1. Place your bets - there are many different kinds of bets you can make, and we'll discuss these next;

  2. Watch as the ball spins around the wheel - if you're at a land-based casino, the croupier will throw it in and announce "no more bets", while online, technology and RNGs (random number generators) dictate play;

  3. Wait for the wheel to stop spinning - if the ball lands in your chosen pocket, you're a winner. Your winnings will vary depending on the bet you've placed.

Types of bet

There are two different kinds of bet that can be made: inside and outside. Inside bets concern the numbers, whether that be wagering on an individual number or a selection of numbers. Outside bets include anything else on the table, describing the type of number, for example if it's red or black, high or low, or in a specific position on the table.

Let's break it down further with these charts -

Inside bets:




A bet on a single number, e.g. 7


A bet on two adjacent numbers, e.g. 7 and 10


A bet on a row of three numbers, e.g. 7, 8, 9


Similar to a split, but a bet on four numbers which meet at the same corner, e.g. 7, 8, 10, 11


Similar to a street, but a bet on two rows of three numbers (also called a six-number bet), e.g. 7, 8, 9 and 10, 11, 12


Only available in European Roulette, a bet on the first four numbers, e.g. 0, 1, 2, 3


Only available in American Roulette, a bet on the group of numbers 0, 00, 1, 2, 3 (also known as five-number)

Outside bets:



Red or Black

Betting on whether the winning number will be red or black in colour

Odd or Even

Betting on whether the winning number will be odd or even

Low or High

Betting on whether the winning number will be low (1-18) or high (19-36)


Betting on whether the winning number will be from column 1, 2 or 3 on the table


Betting on whether the winning number will be from the first (1-12), second (13-24) or third (25-36) dozen

Odds and pay-outs

As we have already mentioned, the pay-outs vary depending on the bets you have placed. This also means that the odds vary, depending on how likely it is that your bet will land. It's worth knowing that even money bets don't offer a 50/50 chance of winning, because they also factor in the 0, and 00 if you're playing American Roulette. This is where the casino gets their advantage. The house edge in European Roulette is 2.7%, while in American Roulette, it's a lot higher, at 5.26%.

Here's all you need to know about odds and pay-outs -



American Odds

European Odds












Line (six-number)






























There you have it. All you need to know before you give the ‘Devil's Wheel' a spin. Will Lady Luck be on your side?


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