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With the latest Android 12 version, Google decided to pay more attention to the privacy and security of the users. A few weeks before, Google rolled out the first Android 12 beta during Google I/O 2021. Google decided on a lot of new features that weren't included in the earlier beta version. A few of those promised updates appear within Android 12 beta 2, rolling out today. The update includes the privacy dashboard features as well as a slew of other privacy and security tweaks.


One of the biggest new features in the latest update is the look and feel of the operating systems. The latest feature is context-aware automatic theming system. The whole look and feel is adaptable according to the wallpaper being used. The system looks at your wallpaper for color inspiration and then changes the colors of interface elements such as buttons, icons, etc. would change accordingly. For some reason, this wasn't included in the first beta and now available in beta 2.


Apple has recently made big improvements and changes to its privacy and security policies related to the iPhone, which led Google to respond and pay attention to its security. A new privacy dashboard was introduced by Google at an I/O event. However, now we can actually use it. The privacy dashboard for Android 12 beta 2 offers an overhead view of the privacy situation of your device. This one-stop interface would help you see if there is anything you need to change to make sure that your phone is secure from unauthorized access. In addition to the privacy dashboard, Google introduced new features related to audio and camera security. There will be microphone and camera usage indicators in the upper right corner. These icons will appear if the user is using any of these apps.


Today, most people use their phones the majority of the time. While some people use their social media apps to pass the time, others do it for work. Almost every job has some components that may be completed using a mobile device, and real estate is no exception. Although this area of life is incredibly advantageous, the risks should not be ignored. You should be aware of various methods to keep your phone safer because there are several ways to access the files on it, which can impact your client\'s information as well as your own.


Choose carefully with whom you work

Many people believe that large organizations can find them the home they want at an affordable price when it comes to real estate, but they are not the best choice for everyone. In recent years, we have seen a slight change because of the lack of trust people have in them because more homebuyers opt for privacy over large portals, and that is expected given a number of reasons. The greatest one is that despite having greater security, those large corporations are nevertheless attacked more frequently, which can seriously endanger your privacy. You might need to consider an alternative strategy if you are someone who merely wants to quickly complete the task and discover something suitable from the comfort of your home.

Protection when the device is stolen

Regular theft is one of the most popular ways that people gain access to other people\'s phone data. There are a few things to keep in mind since the thieves typically steal it in a public area where there are large crowds of people. First, make an effort to secure your phone in a place, such as your front pockets, bag, or another suitable location. Holding it in your hands makes it easy for someone to take it from you and flee. Second, you must have a strong password on it. It should be extremely complex and contain both capital and lowercase characters, as well as numbers and symbols. Every app needs a password so that even if one fails, the others can still provide some level of security.

Check what you are allowing other apps to access

Applications are fantastic, but many of them have the potential to seriously damage the data on your mobile device. You will frequently discover that you need to provide some apps access to certain data on your phone. Most typically do not give this much thought; instead, they simply click \"Allow\" without considering the consequences. The information that the app has stored could be accessed by someone if there is ever a security breach for that app. Given that you might have disclosed sensitive information about your customers and your company, this might be quite serious.



Google Play Protect

The fact that this app is provided by Google, one of the most reliable companies in the tech sector, is fantastic. It is capable of numerous things. It performs checks on the apps you are installing from the Google Play store, alerts you to potentially harmful apps that can lead to privacy troubles along the way, and can even delete harmful apps from your smartphone. Also, and this is very important, it warns you about apps that can compromise your privacy and may revoke permissions from some apps.

These days, your privacy should be something you protect fiercely, but that is not an easy job. There are so many ways you can expose yourself to the world, and once you have experienced this, it is hard to do anything about it. Look at the newest security measures and try to implement them because that is the best way forward.



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