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Note 3 Lollipop


Samsung is getting ready to update its devices to Android 5.0 Lollipop, here's how the Lollipop update will look like on the Galaxy note 3 and the Galaxy S4. These devices is going to get the new software update too, and here's what it will look like.


note 3 lollipop


With the Lollipop update, Samsung is bringing the Quick Settings styling first seen in the Galaxy S5 to the Note 3. Otherwise, the design here is a mishmash of Lollipop guidelines and some remnants of Samsung's much-beloved TouchWiz.


lollipop note 3


Take the Settings app. It's different than it was before, it has a light theme just like in Google's Lollipop, but it's not actually identical to that. Samsung apparently isn't able to keep itself from modifying everything that comes from Google, even if we're talking small touches here and there.



Video Preview [YouTube]

n4 lollipop


Google is already rolling-out the Android 5.0 Lollipop for its Nexus line-up devices. Samsung is also working hard on bringing Lollipop to its latest flagships by the end of this year. Here's the latest Update Status for Samsung's Lollipop Update...


International Unlocked Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4 devices will get the update first, it will start Rolling-out by the End this December with some major changes to the TouchWiz UI.


S5 lollipop


Other Variants of the same devices (Dual-SIM, LTE-A.. etc) will get the same update starting from Jan,2015. Carriers versions will be a little bit late due to carrier's testing and approval process which always the reason for delaying updates, so don't expect it very soon.


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Samsung is working very hard to bring Android 5.0 Lollipop to its latest flagships, We've already saw the Galaxy S5 Lollipop update Build. Now it's time to see his older brother, Galaxy S4 Lollipop update build. The build already got a Hands-on treatment on a Video.


In terms of design, the Lollipop build of the Galaxy S4 is pretty much identical to that on the S5. You have the new notifications that appear on the lockscreen and everywhere else in the UI. The stock apps have been updated with new Material Design UI elements. The multitasking menu also has the new card-style layout.


In terms of performance, the build was said to be much faster than KitKat and better at managing memory. Watch the video below!


Video [YouTube]

Samsung Galaxy S4


Samsung is working hard on bringing Android 5.0 Lollipop to all its devices. We got the (Phase 1) official list of the Samsung devices that will be updated to Lollipop. The list shows many of the latest Samsung devices, some are still under development, some awaiting approval.


According to reports, Samsung Galaxy S5 will get the Lollipop Update during December,2014. Samsung Galaxy S4 (I9500) will get the same update Early,2015 which will be the first Exynos device to get the Lollipop.




The Snapdragon 600 version (I9505) should be getting it sometime later on, the Galaxy S4 Active (I9295) should be getting at the same time since the internals are basically the same. There are also Snapdragon 800 versions - the Galaxy S4 LTE-A (I9506 and some local versions) and the Galaxy S4 Active LTE-A. Those are essentially based on the Galaxy Note 3 with S800 platform (the Note 3 with Exynos uses a different chipset than the I9500).


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Galaxy S5 lollipop


Today, We got a closer Exclusive look at Samsung Galaxy S5 Lollipop Update. Lollipop will hit the unlocked Galaxy S5 devices this December. A new Hands-on video shows us the new UI and features of the update is now live on YouTube, TouchWiz UX will get a Material make over the same as HTC Sense 7.0 UI. Check out the Screenshots from the latest Lollipop test build.


The overall look is pretty similar to what we saw last time, but there have been a number of new features and tweaks added to the build. Including: a new Note 4 style fingerprint lockscreen, a search bar in the recents menu, and some smooth new animations. Some apps have been tweaked too, there is a new filter options in the Gallery app, an improved UI for music and a new search box for contracts.




Material Design app colors also make their way into the status bar and Samsung has given everything the once over with its signature blue Touchwiz color scheme. The video shows all you need, Watch it below!


Video [YouTube]

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