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Gold-plated smartphones are not something new, but it sure is luxury. The Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge join the company's collection of 24K gold plated smartphones. Note that both smartphones feature Corning Gorilla Glass 4 glass panels in the front and at the back. It's the metallic frame hugging the two panels that gets the gold treatment along with the metal rim around the camera module.




The Karalux shop claims that it takes 3 hours for the engineers to pass the Galaxy S6 through 10 different stages to have it finally 24K gold layered. Not only that, the phone also gets an additional nano layer to prevent the gold plaint from being corroded.




Getting a 24K gold Galaxy S6 will cost you $400 (VND 8 million) + the regular price starting $685. So the total will start from $1100.


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Although Samsung's flagship Galaxy S6 is quite new to the market, rumours have already started floating around the web about the S7 variant. As per a usually reliable leakster @evleaks, the Galaxy S7 is already getting tested in the USA. He specifically said that currently AT&T is testing two variants of the handset: SM-G930A and SM-G935A which would be known as the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge respectively.

According to other rumours, there might be a release for the Galaxy S7 in the first quarter of 2016. As Mobile World Congress is going to be held at the end of February in 2016, there is a high probability that Samsung might choose this event to launch its Galaxy S7. It would take some time to get a sneak peek into the specs - probably near to the date of launch.

Although not much is not known right now, there have been speculations that the device would get a magnesium build, feature a USB Type-C port, and sport 3D Touch-like pressure sensitive display. The Korean company's next gen chipset Exynos 8890 will be powering half of the Galaxy S7 units and the rest of the devices will be powered by Snapdragon 820.

Source: @evleaks


Recently, there have been a lot of rumors about the Galaxy S7 and its possible screen size. Some sources hinted at a mammoth 6 inch screen while others "confirmed" a more standard 5.5 inch device. Some even fuelled our imagination with the lures of a curved Super AMOLED UHD display!

We decided to clear up the confusion as best as we could and according to ITSKINS, the rumors are mostly true. There will be three size variants; a 5.1 inch version, a 5.5 inch version and a gigantic 6 inch version. In order to make things less confusing for its customers, Samsung will not provide a curved display with the 5.1 inch Galaxy S7. The 5.5 inch phone in the meanwhile will only sport a curved display. The 6 inch Galaxy S7, which is bordering on tablet category, will be available both in curved as well as flat display options.

After experimenting with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and the Note Edge, it looks like the Korean Electronics giant might be shuffling its designs once again. Whether the curved displays will see more success than the "Edged" screens, we will find out in a few months' time.


The Galaxy C9 Pro was released just a few months ago with a mid-range SD 653 SoC and 6GB of RAM (Samsung's first and only till date). The C7 Pro had a more modest 4GB RAM and a less powerful SD 626 chip inside. However, both devices did pack 64GB in-built storage right out of the box. In a move that's becoming typical among all smartphone manufacturers, the South Korean tech giant is about to launch 128GB versions of these two devices in the near future as well.

According to multiple reports from various media platforms on the internet, 128GB versions of both the devices have apparently made an appearance on the Chinese certification site TENAA. In fact, reports are also suggesting that even the Galaxy C5 Pro will be receiving a similar upgrade to its internal storage. There is no news on whether or not Samsung will make these handsets China exclusives first and then release them to the other countries just as it did with the C-series initially. We will find out soon enough. In the meanwhile, let us know if this is what you wanted from Samsung?

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Although Samsung cannot exactly be blamed for copying Apple bluntly like so many other manufacturers do, there is little doubt about the fact that the Korean giant has started copying some of its biggest competitor's marketing strategies in regard to the Galaxy S line-up. In 2018, we saw Samsung clearly making the Galaxy S9 a inferior device to the Galaxy S9+ in the camera department by providing it with just one camera and reserving the dual camera module for the more expensive S9+. In 2019, Samsung would be releasing four variants of the Galaxy S10, similar to what Apple did with the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR this year.

As per reports from reliable sources, the devices can be classified as follows.

·        SM-G973x - The standard S10 (in the same tire as the iPhone XS)

·        SM-G975x - The S10+ (in the same tire as the iPhone XS Max)

·        SM-G970x - A low-end S10 (in the same tire as the iPhone XR)

·        A mythical S10 elite that has not been confirmed by anybody beyond speculation at this point

The rest of the three handsets have already received certifications in China and now the SM-G975x and the SM-G975F has also received their certifications in Russia. As per rumors, the S10+ will sport two front cameras and three rear cameras, a 1440 × 3040, 6.4" display and an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner inside the display.

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Although the launch of Nexus 6p didn't exactly follow the disasters faced by previous variants last year, it didn't go smoothly. Those lucky enough to grab the opportunity before the phone got completely sold out online are now wondering about shipment date of the phone owing to the impending delays. For those who wanted to go through the reviews to make up the mind were disappointed with the out of stock label on most of the variants for weeks. Now, it's been almost 2 months since the Nexus 6P (and 5X) launched and it seems Google is finally able to meet the demand.

Right now the Google Store has all the Nexus 6p devices in stock and you are free to choose any kind of color and storage configuration. We actually informed about this a few days ago, but were so elated about the elusive 64GB Frost white model being available that we somehow missed to cover the rest. As we head into the weekend, we just wanted to jog your mind regarding the in-stock Nexus devices (seems to stay like this for sometime).

The Nexus 6P price starts at $500 for the 32GB, $550 for the 64GB, and $600 for will get you the 128GB variant. If you wanted to get the official black case, it is also in-stock.


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n4 lollipop


Google is already rolling-out the Android 5.0 Lollipop for its Nexus line-up devices. Samsung is also working hard on bringing Lollipop to its latest flagships by the end of this year. Here's the latest Update Status for Samsung's Lollipop Update...


International Unlocked Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4 devices will get the update first, it will start Rolling-out by the End this December with some major changes to the TouchWiz UI.


S5 lollipop


Other Variants of the same devices (Dual-SIM, LTE-A.. etc) will get the same update starting from Jan,2015. Carriers versions will be a little bit late due to carrier's testing and approval process which always the reason for delaying updates, so don't expect it very soon.


Keep checking this page and Stay tuned!


Galaxy Grand Prime G530 Lollipop 5.1.1 update


We already reported before that Original Galaxy Grand Prime (SM-G530H) is getting the Android 5.0.2 Lollipop but it was for variants that carry baseband number "XCU" ONLY. Today... the same Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime (SM-G530H) official Android 5.0.2 Lollipop firmware update now available for donwload for "XXU" baseband varinats. The update is Rolling-out Over-the-air (OTA) in Russia and available via KIES too. This is still a test release and the OTA will not be avaialble for all users but you can still get it by manually flashing the firmware below.


Meanwhile, The (SM-G530F and SM-G530BT) users are waiting for their first Lollipop update, which is expected to hit later this month.




The (SMG530H) update OTA package size is about 530MB in size (The whole firmware is about 730MB) packs Lollipop 5.0.2 which is a little out-dated from the Lollipop 5.1.1 that the (SM-G530P) and (SM-531H VE) is carrying. The new firmware has a build date of [August 21, 2015] which is newer than the XCU firmware, The new firmware also bring an improved TouchWiz UI with Material Design, new notification panel, new lockscreen and lots of other features along with various bug fixes and performance improvements. The Firmware is curently Available for download from our YouFirmware section below.


Grand prime lollipop


grand prime lollipop g530h


Galaxy Grand Prime Lollipop XXU Firmware Details:
- Model Name: Galaxy Grand Prime
- Model: SM-G530H
- Country: Russia (SER)
- Firmware Version: G530HXXU2BOH5
- OS: Android Lollipop
- OS Version: 5.0.2
- Build Date: August 21, 2015
- Changelist: 773219
[Firmware is Uploaded & Available!]


*NOTE: If your Grand Prime Baseband is XCU, Your Firmware is Available for Download Here.


Don't forget to use our ODIN 3 Tutorial to learn how to manually flash the Firmware above into your Samsung device safely and easily.



Finally, after many releases, All the Samsung Galaxy A7 (SM - A700F - A700FD - A700H - A700L - A700K - A700S) variants official Android 5.0.2 Lollipop update is currently Rolling-out. The updates is Available Over-the-air (OTA) and via KIES to various regions and carriers.




The Galaxy A7 Lollipop update OTA package size is about 900MB - 1.2GB depending on your model and region and packs Android build 5.0.2 Lollipop, Updated TouchWiz UI with Material Design, Improved battery live, New lockscreen, New Notification panel, Updated system Apps, Better Network connection along with various bug fixes, performance enhancements and stability improvements.




If you don't want to wait you can manually download the official Lollipop 5.0.2 Firmware for the your Galaxy A7 variants from our YouFirmware section below.


Galaxy A7


Galaxy A7 (SM-A700F) Firmwares


Galaxy A7 (SM-A700FD) Firmwares


Galaxy A7 (SM-A700H) Firmwares


Galaxy A7 (SM-A700K) Firmwares


Galaxy A7 (SM-A700L) Firmwares


Galaxy A7 (SM-A700S) Firmwares



Don't forget to use our ODIN3 Tutorial to learn how to manually flash the Firmware above into your Samsung device safely and easily.

Unlike in most other regions, updates from Samsung have been reaching unlocked variants of its range of Galaxy smartphones later than the carrier-locked versions. This was a cause for frustration and contempt for those who bought unlocked flagship devices like the S7 and S7 Edge at a premium price. Although they did get less bloatware and the obvious freedom of switching to any network they want, most updates ended up being infrequent and later than even their carrier counterparts. Once you consider that Android 7.0 Nougat has not yet landed on the unlocked S7 and S7 Edge in the US, while all major carrier versions have received it, the reasons for those frustrations become apparent.

All that is about to change, according to a conversation between ZDNet and Samsung Mobile Security. It is to be noted that this reply is the same as the one received by one of the site's readers earlier to a similar query (screenshot above).

"Due to various circumstances, we have been releasing security updates for unlocked (open) Galaxy devices in the U.S. on a quarterly basis. However, we have now resolved the challenges; and we are committed to releasing security updates for those devices on a monthly basis."

At this time, it expected that the soon to be released March security update for the unlocked S7 and S7 Edge will come with the belated Nougat upgrade package. Let's hope what we are reading here is true and Samsung is able to follow up on that promise. In the meanwhile, head over to our firmware section to find all the latest available updates for your Samsung smartphones.

Saikat Kar (tech-enthusiast)

While Samsung has already finished rolling out the Android 8.0 Oreo update in most regions across the world, the unfortunate users of the unlocked smartphone in the US had not yet received the same. The good news is that has changed now because multiple reports have confirmed that the unlocked Galaxy S8 and S8+ have finally started receiving the elusive update in the United States.

As it is the tradition in the country, the carrier versions always get the update before the unlocked variants, although, it should technically be the other way around. Clearly, this is more a business decision than anything else, but even then, it's a decision that users can do little about. Nevertheless, seeing that the update has arrived only after a short time since it was first being rolled out to the carrier variants, we would say it's an improvement over previous records. In case you own any of the two handsets, firmware version G950U1UEU2CRB9 (S8) or G955U1UEU2CRB9 (S8+) will be making its way onto your device anytime now, via OTA. Both updates should have a size of around 1.3GB roughly.

Check out our firmware section to find all the latest updates for your Samsung smartphones and tablets.

Saikat Kar (tech-enthusiast)

Both the flagship handsets from 2016 and 2017 are getting some care from AT&T in the form of a firmware update. Not much was made clear by the source of the news or the change log, but it is clear that this is a security update. Whether this is any version of the Android monthly updates or not is something that we are not sure of either. In any case, you should download and install it as soon as possible, since carriers in the US seldom push out updates unless they are necessary (that's not always a good thing mind you!).

The update is arriving on all the six models in the Galaxy S7 and S8 series, which include the S7, S7 Edge, S7 Active, S8, S8+ and the S8 Active. As per The Android Soul, the following are the firmware build numbers for the respective devices.

S7, S7 Edge and S7 Active: BRD1

S8 and S8+: CRD4

S8 Active: BRD4

Unfortunately for S7 users in the US who are on AT&T, all three devices are still running on Android Nougat, in spite of the OS being on the verge of becoming outdated. 


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