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iPhones are awesome smartphones for more reasons than one, but compared to Android devices, they are somewhat limited in what they can offer to the user unfortunately. Perhaps two of the biggest gripes against iOS devices is the OEM's complete omission of the expandable storage slot and how complex, as well as limited iTunes feels while trying to transfer iPhone files or restore them.

As iPhones do not support external storage devices via USB OTG either, Apple makes sure that we are not left with too many other options either!

Why is It Important to Free Up iPhone Storage?

All iPhone users need to transfer iPhone files on a regular basis because there are multiple advantages in doing so. Some of them can be highlighted as follows.

• Media, contacts, messages, etc. would never be lost, even in case the phone crashes, gets stolen/lost or is damaged somehow
• As there is no way to expand the storage, backups allow users to free up space on iPhone
• The closer you get towards filling up the maximum storage capacity of your device, the slower it will become

Isn't iTunes Good Enough to Backup iPhone Data?

iTunes is not bad at what it does really, but the problem is once again in how limited Apple's software is in the features that it offers to iPhone users.

Even for completing tasks that iTunes is supposed to, there is no guarantee that the dreaded iTunes Error 54 won't show up. When that happens, your phone and your computer will stop syncing with each other, unless the issue is resolved.

On the other hand, iCloud's free storage caps out at only 5GB, at which point, you can pay to get more, though it's still not completely safe. Apple will essentially delete the data on its servers, if the account holder misses payments. There is a better alternative to paying for iPhone storage through your nose though, which is what we are going to discuss next.

How DearMob iPhone Manager is a Faster, Easier and Better Alternative to iTunes

DearMob iPhone Manager offers a fast, easy way for users to backup iPhone data seamlessly and free up iPhone storage in the process. The software does so while boosting data safety with encoding, making DearMob possibly the best iTunes alternative for Windows and MacOS available right now.

Interestingly, the iPhone manager brings so much more to the table that iTunes simply cannot. To understand what we are talking about here, let's discuss some of its unique features next.


DearMob iPhone Manager protects your data by securing it against any unauthorized use. Even if any of the backed up information is stolen or lost, no one but you will be able to decrypt the password protected files.

Faster and Easier

It is possible to create a backup of all your iPhone (any iOS device) data, with the click of a single onscreen button on DearMob. The same is true if you decide to restore the data back onto your new iPhone, or even the old one for that matter!

Selective data backup and restore between an iPhone and Mac/PC is also more intuitive, less complex and faster than it is with iTunes. While iTunes frequently freezes while handling transfer of regular media, DearMob can transfer iPhone files at a superfast speed of 2.5GB per second!

If you just switched to a new iPhone from an old one, the iPhone manager can easily be used to directly transfer everything from iPhone to iPhone, making the backup and restore process an even faster process than it usually is.

DearMob Makes the iPhone a More Accessible Device for the User

Other than letting users backup and transfer a very limited number of supported file types, iTunes doesn't allow us to do much of anything really. On the flipside of things, DearMob comes with all of the following and then some.

• It supports any and all media formats that iTunes doesn't
• The iPhone manager can be used to change the file format of any media file (including 4K & 8K videos), so that iOS can recognize it
• DearMob also allows seamless conversion and both-way transfer of podcasts, apps, eBooks, messages, music, ringtones, voice recordings, calendar data and just about everything else
• Supports Drag and drop transfer; a huge bonus for iOS users!
• DearMob can compress large media files to save space on your limited storage

Consider the fact that this isn't even the complete list of functions that the DearMob iPhone Manager can help you with, but iTunes can't. Combined with the extra security, easy-to-use interface and fast transfers, these additional features really does make the DearMob iPhone Manager a significantly better alternative to iTunes for both Windows and MacOS.





Every designer working with 3D models understands the importance of correctly selected software. User-friendly interface, multifunctionality, the ability to quickly switch between drawing modes - everything is important and has a direct influence on the result of work. Often such applications work in a narrow way, focusing on one direction. 3DCoat developers decided to change the paradigm and break the mold, creating a program with the ability to multitask. Here, you can work with 3D-sculpting, retopology, 3D-rendering, and UV-mapping almost simultaneously.

This means the program can really replace two or more similar applications at once. Now all solutions are located in one place, which will allow you to avoid losing money and time.


Their trial version is available for a month and downloadable at


Investing in 3DCoat program can be considered the best investment in software working with 3D content.




The program supports popular file formats for import/export:


  • geometry (obj, fbx, lwo, dae, ply, wrl).
  • graphics (bmp, tga, jpg, png, tif, tiff, dds, ptex, exr).


3DCoat program interface


In general, the program interface is both convenient and functional. A large number of windows are easily adjustable, and the same goes for camera angles. The program imposes an average load on a computer system, but it's normal, given the amount of information it processes.


It doesn't matter whether you have prior experience with 3D modeling programs or not - you can easily learn to work with 3DCoat.


"Rooms" or Workspaces


There are next rooms also called workspaces within the software:


  • drawing (work with textures)
  • retopology
  • sculpting - digital and 3D
  • UV cameras
  • Rendering


Feature: It's not necessary to use a UV-map to clarify the color or depth of an object because you can do it through a vertex. Thus, a designer has more space for imagination, operating with PBR textures.


Voxel Workspace and 3D Sculpting


3DCoat Voxel Sculpting is simple, fast and powerful, featuring a large choice of curvatures, lasso, primitives, etc. A designer can use files recorded in raster and vector formats to create his own unique types of frames. The designer will like palettes of models and mesh objects, not to mention special tools.


The user can work with objects by subtracting or combining them. There are voxel layers with visibility control and transparency; it's easy to manage the hierarchy of layers. Up to 50 million voxels and more can be there in the scene.


Organic sculpting in 3DCoat is not as functional as hardsurf sculpting. The main reason - when using sculpting, the topology of an object will change. But through mastering and adapting a little to the interface and the program's functionality, you can create excellent objects.


When working with brushes, the built-in Sculpt Layer will be useful for you, deleting depth data and modeling a local depth and layer level. The main feature of 3DCoat is employing dynamic tessellation, which works with the sculpture layer without changing it. Also, the user can apply logical values to this layer, while the rest of the data located outside this operation doesn't change.


It's simply implemented in practice. Say, a created object has wrinkles throughout the skin. The designer wants to change a small area like a finger, leaving the same layer of sculpture. The skin will remain at its original position, in other words, any other points will have a modulated depth. This feature is considered unique and has no worthy analogs in the field of digital modeling.


Retopology Room


Retopologization remains one of the best and unique advantages of the program. No other specialized application can match the 3DCoat retopology. In addition to the various operating modes of the individual tools provided by the retopo room toolbox, the user will definitely appreciate the polygonal modeling of objects.


There are 2 engines used and a built-in set of Instant Meshes. With such a complete set of tools, the 3DCoat retopo room has no rival on the market. Both modes (manual and automatic topologization) are functional and equally convenient to use. We advise you to pre-plan actions, creating grids.


A great advantage of the functionality is the ability to easily edit manually after auto-editing.


UV Workspace


It's a room where texture coordinates are created for a 3D model (3D mapping). The functionality affects:


  • toolbar
  • bar of scene objects
  • bar working with UV tiles
  • a bar that allows you to select a subobject, creating a UV
  • UV preview, due to which it is possible to expand the model


Drawing Room


This space uses technologies like Per Pixel Painting (texture quality is determined by its resolution), PTEX (local change of resolution on texture), Micro Vertex Painting (texture quality is determined by the mesh density, i.e. the number of tops), and Voxed Painting.


Drawing textures in the program is very simple. It uses several channels, supports UV tiles, and provides resolutions up to 16,000. The users can customize brushes or create their own using different methods (2D and 3D, screen projection, ABR). You can use separate channels or transfer information from one channel to another, as well as perform operations with layers.


There are great opportunities for procedural texturing (noise, patterns, etc.). The artist can operate with regular and topological symmetry, work with 2D and 3D grids, including snapping.


The program is perfectly compatible with various 2D editors like Photoshop, Krita, or Gimp. There is support for UV tiles, which allows working with 10-15 tiles per 1 model, including 20 or 30 layers or even more. The specified parameters are quite enough for the full texturing of the model.


It is interesting that the developers covered the possibility of implementing the same task in various ways. Due to this, the designer can leapfrog some difficulties arising in the process of creating models.


The toolkit for drawing is huge:


  • brushes
  • layers
  • bar with a choice of main channels, transparency and stroke properties
  • polycount counter
  • presets, masks
  • palette


A model polygon can be 30 million voxels or more in voxel drawing.


Compatibility with Other Programs and Scripting


3DCoat works great with other software. These are 3DSMax, Maya, Cinema4D, etc. There are uplinks for Fusion, Nuke, and so on. Obviously, the compatibility with Photoshop is ensured.


It is possible to use a C ++ -like language with a proud name AngelScript.




If you don't speak English fluently, you will like the opportunity to work in the program in Russian, German, Japanese, French and three more languages. Moreover, you can switch to English on the fly, after reading and realizing a necessary term, and return to your native language. It's very convenient, especially if you have just started working with the program.


The program has a powerful community (FB, VK, etc.), primarily in social networks, where you can ask a question and get an up-to-date answer.


Work with Textures


If you have worked with textures in other programs, then mastering the interface in 3DCoat will not be difficult for you. Photoshop hotkeys will help you transfer the generated textures between applications. It's possible to use 2 displays. These programs allow you to smoothly switch to 3D from 2D, making the transition more harmonious.


The built-in editor of 2D textures is very convenient. The designer easily moves from a 3D image to a 2D background by fixing the drawing editor. It is worth mentioning that a 2D drawing is quickly updated in a window with a 3D picture.


The choice of drawing "conditions" allows everyone to determine suitable conditions, such as "More in convex areas" or "More in shadows". Easy changing of pictures, an increase/decrease of wear and other nuances simplify designer's task greatly. And you can preview the changes first after having made them, and only then activate them to the 3D model.


3DCoat Target Audience


The program will appeal to conceptual designers for whom a high speed of creating 3D models coupled with high detail, yet without UV cards and policies is important. But those who like to delve into settings and test various solutions in 3D modeling will also find 3DCoat a very attractive variant - both in price and in the number of tools.


Retopologization and 3D rendering will satisfy the most fastidious artists due to their modern tools and fast engine. Textures created in 3DCoat will be as realistic as possible, and their creation can take a short while. The properly configured tools and the convenient interface will organically complement the general view and make the process of 3D objects creating as comfortable as possible.


The program was and remains very popular among developers of computer games due to its convenient interface, huge toolkit, and great opportunities for drawing, rendering, sculpting, etc.


Who Developed the 3DCoat Program?


In 2007, the world's designers saw the first version of this software for working with 3D models. The program was made by Pilgway Studio, whose chief, Andrew Shpagin, was directly involved in the process. Thanks to this specialist in the field of computer games, the expertise in 2D and 3D graphics was brought together with subsequent processing and optimization for 3D painters. The program is unique in its kind, having several exclusive features highly praised in the world of digital modeling. It combines the capabilities of several similar programs while being easy to learn and use.



Tuneskit promises to enhance the experience of Spotify Users who do not have a premium membership, by giving them the power to do what Spotify doesn't allow them to. Let's take a look at the software's highlight features to find out if the Spotify Music Converter really is as good as it seems to be.

Lossless Conversion and Downloading of Music on Spotify



No quality loss was experienced after downloading music from a free Spotify account in MP3, WAV, AAC, M4A, M4B or FLAC format. The metadata (tags, artist information, track information, history, etc.) was also intact and the software replicated exactly what was available on Spotify.

All you need to do is drag the tracks, albums, or playlists from the Spotify screen and onto the Tuneskit Music Converter software window to start the download. It should be downloaded, converted and saved onto your computer, five times faster than any other, similar software available.


The Downloaded Music Can be Transferred Onto Any Device


Once downloaded, the music can then be transferred to any mobile device that supports media playback, including but not limited to iPhones, iPads, iPods, Macs, other Windows PCs, Android smartphones, Android tablets, car audio systems and any other MP3 or music players available in the market.

If a particular device doesn't support the current file formatting of the tracks, the converter can be used once again to change the format and make it compatible in seconds.

Tuneskit Music Converter Automatically Organizes Your Music


After a few downloads, we noticed that the Tuneskit Music Converter is automatically organizing the folders, artists, playlists etc. so that the interface remains easy to navigate and users can easily find the music which is being downloaded and saved. There is also the option to set the conversion outputs manually in a way, so as to make sure that the files are organized according to channels, sample rates or bit rates.

Supports Both Apple MacOS and Microsoft Windows 10


There are some people who swear by a Mac, while hardcore PC users will never even touch a Mac for anything besides light tasks because frankly, Windows is just better in almost every possible way!

The good news is that Tuneskit isn't impartial to any particular set of users, because their Spotify Music Converter is available for both Macs and PCs. It doesn't matter which OS you like more, all the features of the music converter and downloader are available on both Operating Systems.

The Simple Tutorial: Getting Started with Tuneskit's Spotify Converter


You probably do not even need a full-scale tutorial to learn how to use the software for downloading and converting music from Spotify, but you may need some help while trying to transfer the downloaded racks onto your iTunes Library. The Tuneskit website has detailed tutorials for that part thankfully.

Nevertheless, just in case anybody needs a bit of guidance with getting started, follow the steps next and you will get the hang of it in no time.

Step 1: Launch both Spotify and the Tuneskit Music Converter software.

Step 2: Just drag and drop the playlists and tracks that you want to download form Spotify, and drop it onto the Tuneskit Converter window.


Step 3: Select Menu on the Tuneskit window, click on Preferences and then select the output format you want the downloaded tracks to be converted and saved as.

Step 4: Click the Convert tab and the process should begin immediately. Once all chosen tracks are converted and downloaded, you can start transferring them onto other devices immediately.

Is the Software Worth Its Price Tag?


After trying out all features of Tuneskit Music Converter, we can say without a doubt that the Spotify downloader and converter is well worth its price of $49.99, and an awesome bargain at just $29.99 (the sale is on right now).

No premium membership costs and more features from Spotify with just a free account? Yes, that's precisely what the Spotify music converter is capable of providing, and it doesn't have any in-app purchases either. Pay once and get a lifetime of free access to all updates released by the developers to further  augment and improve the application's features.

However, the best part about it all is that you don't even have to take anyone's word for it, since the trial version can be downloaded for free from their website. Try the TunesKit Spotify Music Converter out before buying it, and chances are that you will love it way too much to not use it after the trial period is over.

As a matter of fact, once you visit the Tuneskit website, you might be surprised to find that they also have a whole range of other handy software bundles for downloading and converting other types of content as well, that you may even have never considered possible before!



Present-day communication is drastically different from the landline phones of the past. We have Internet-assisted calls, video calls, and an array of instant messengers. All these things have made our interaction, especially international communication, more efficient and less costly. Today, businesses are redefining their telephone systems, recognizing the benefits of SIP.

Session Initiation Protocol is a technology removing many barriers in phoning, especially the long-distance type. International calls are expensive, but with a system supplied by a reliable SIP provider like DID Logic, they will be no less affordable than local ones. Here is how the system will work and what benefits your business stands to gain.

The Principle


We all know that software like Skype allows users to make calls and even see each other. The popular smartphone messengers available today deliver similar features for free. Hence, whenever two individuals are connected using the same Internet-based system, they can talk and see each other freely. But what can you do if you need to call a cellular number from your VoIP device or vice versa?

This is exactly the issue resolved by SIP. The system allows "origination" (i.e., outgoing calls) and "termination" (i.e., incoming calls) between Internet-based systems, mobile networks, and PSTN (public switched telephone networks). The tool will allow you to not only make voice calls but also transmit multimedia to several parties with no geographical restrictions.




Here are the most prominent benefits brought by SIP systems.

1.     Versatility


SIP enables the transfer of data. As a consequence, it is especially popular with big multinationals, businesses with many branches and employees that work remotely and need to send multimedia frequently.

2.     Price


The exact rates you get will depend on the provider, the location of your partners and their mobile operators, and a few other factors. Generally, the rates are simply incomparable with the costs of regular international calls resulting in sizeable savings and immediate ROI for the business. Not only are the rates affordable, but they are also predictable month to month.

3.      Mobility


Your staff's mobile devices will be connected via VoIP-based applications. User-friendly, flexible, and securely installed, they will keep your employees connected to the communication centers at all times. You will be able to contact them using a special dedicated phone line.



4.      No Extra Physical Infrastructure


In the past, you had to wait for new phone lines to be connected before you could actually expand your corporate infrastructure. Teleworkers or remote employees brought additional expenditure, as they had to be supplied with company cell phones. With SIP, the situation is very different.


For a new staff member to be reachable, all you need to do is to connect their device to the corporate data connection. New lines are, thus, added effortlessly. The same applies to employees working off-site. These may be called using a special internal number with an extension.


Check out what SIP providers can offer for your business and be among the leaders making use of tech achievements.




There will be a point where you think that you need extra hands in your business. Well, fining software development team for your business is not hard at all. The software development company can help you with the software development team. This team will help you to develop software for any specific purpose. Whether you are working with mobile app development, its development, or custom software development for your company, having your own software development team will be a great idea.

But before proceeding, you will need to know the pros and cons of the solution.

Advantages of working with a software development team:

Save time and money


The renowned software development company can be a great outsourcing option. Costs of hiring dedicated software development team are much lower than getting an in-house development team for your business. Not to mention that the software development company has ample experience in the field so that they are ready to help you to conduct the custom software development without any hassle.

Proficiency and skills


The experienced software development company has always been updating its resources. They are aware of modern business trends and necessities. You can even rely on them to manage the blockchain development solutions for your company. The software development team dispatched to you consists of skillful and proficient people with specific abilities to do the specific assignments effectively. The dedicated software development company consists of people who have rich backgrounds and experiences. It is totally different when you build your in-house team from scratch. Working with proficient teams means that you will only attain professionalism from them.

Transparent deliverances


The software development company and the team can be in the workshop or remotely control the project. But as a client, you will be granted for transparency from the beginning to the end. That includes task management, time tracking, as well as the evaluation of the project. The software development team will keep you posted through any live messenger app you prefer. the team's representative will be in touch and you can reach him whenever you need. They will keep updating the reports through magnificent software so that you don't have to turn your laptop or PC on every time you want to see the reports. The notifications can be pushed through your mobile devices as well.

The catches of working with the dedicated software development team:

The budgeting


Although we mentioned about how it can help you save money, budgeting can be variable. It can be difficult to plan expenditures. The tips here is to focus only on the software that has important features that bring benefits to your company. You can set aside the tarsier features that only cost you more.

Off-shore communication


Chances are you hire the dedicated software development company which operates overseas. Time and place differences are a real challenge. Not all companies are available 24/7 for you. In most cases, you will need to adapt to their operational hours. Otherwise, it will be difficult to reach them when you have urgency.


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