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Sony Xperia Z2

The European launch of the new Sony Xperia Z2 flagship was pushed from mid-April to May. UK retailers have started lining it up to launch.

Sony's official web site claims deliveries are expected to start at the beginning of May. Carphone Warehouse warns of limited pre-launch stock but expects to have the Xperia Z2 in its stores on right on May,1st.

That's ahead of Clove UK's goal of shipping on May 9. Clove's offer includes £200 of free stuff a Sony SRS-BTM8 Bluetooth speaker, MDR-NC31EM noise-cancelling headphones, 6 digital movie downloads and 30 days of Sony Music Unlimited.



Xperia Z2

Sony Xperia Z2 has received a minor OTA (Over-The-Air) update. The new Android 4.4.2 KitKat build release number is 17.1.A.2.69, the update is about 30mb file to download.

The new firmware brings no major changes to Sony's smartphone flagship only minor performance enhancements and bug fixes. Some Xperia Z2 users actually claim that their devices already shipped with the new firmware build.



Xperia Keyboard


Following the steps of Google and HTC, Sony has just published its Xperia Keyboard App on the Play Store. The only reason why Sony submitted it is so it can easily update it in the future, without having to release full firmware updates for that.

The app is currently restricted to only Xperia smartphones. It's unclear if the default keyboard of the Xperia smartphones will ever be officially released for other android devices.

The latest version of Xperia Keyboard includes backup and sync option using your Sony Entertainment Network account and also comes with an improved layout for the Thai language.

Xperia Keyboard Download

Sony Xperia Keyboard [Play]


Xperia Z2


Today, a DigiTimes report revealed that Sony will adopt liquid heat-pipe cooling technology for its new products, starting with the Xperia Z2, which seems to be the reason behind why the Z2 is delayed to June,2014 for the launch. Samsung and Lenovo were also looking up the technology together with Taiwan-based thermal module makers. While specialized heat pipes for smartphones are already available for mass production, the two technological giants decided against adopting them for the time being.

Compared to PC and laptop heat-pipes, which range from 0.003 inches (0.8mm) to 0.08 inches (2mm) in diameter, smartphone pipes measure only 0.02 inches (0.6mm). They are said to have better heat-dissipation effects than graphite carbon fiber sheets. Although cooling technology doesn't seem to be an obstacle for device performance right now, heat pipes could become common in next year's flagship models. It goes without saying that, as chipsets and basebands grow increasingly powerful, they will be emitting larger amounts of heat.


Heat-pipe cooling Z2


Heat-Pipe Cooling Technology


Heat pipes are hollow metal pipes filled with a liquid coolant that moves heat by evaporating and condensing in an endless cycle. As the lower end of the Heatpipe is exposed to heat, the coolant within it starts to evaporate, absorbing heat. As the coolant turns into vapor, it, and its heatload, convect within the heatpipe.

The reduced molecular density forces the vaporized coolant upwards, where it is exposed to the cold end of the Heat pipe. The coolant then condenses back into a liquid state, releasing the latent heat. Since the rate of condensation increases with increased delta temperatures between the vapor and Heat pipe surface, the gaseous coolant automatically streams towards the coldest spot within the Heat pipe.

As the coolant condenses, and its molecular density increases once more, gravitational forces pull the coolant towards the lower end of the Heat pipe. To aid this coolant cycle, improve its performance, and make it less dependant on the orientation of the Heat pipe towards earth gravitational center, modern Heatpipes feature inner walls with a fine, capillary structure. The capillary surfaces within the Heatpipe break the coolants surface tension, distributing it evenly throughout the structure.

As soon as coolant evaporates on one end, the coolants surface tension automatically pulls in fresh coolant from the surrounding area. As a result of the self organizing streams of the coolant in both phases, heat is actively convecting through Heat pipes throughout the entire coolant cycle, at a rate unmatched by solid Heat spreaders and Heat sinks.





Sony deviced to pump-up the price of its new flag-ship, Sony Xperia Z2 in Germany. The device now sales at €679 up from €599 from a couple of days ago.



Sony Xperia Z2 Full Specifications



There's no official word from Sony as to why the price has gone up. However, we suspect recent reports of supply shortages and stock limitations for the company's latest flagship to be the culprit here. Xperia Z2 price in the UK is £564 SIM-free in major retailers.


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