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Users that chose AT&T as their carrier while buying the HTC One M8 and HTC One M9 were left a little disappointed in the fact that they had not yet received the Android M update on their smartphones. Given that Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint had already released the update for their respective versions of the two phones, the disappointment is understandable. However, this was expected as HTC had earlier made it public that Marshmallow will reach the M8 and the M9 on AT&T, later than their counterparts on other carriers.

Nonetheless, we have good news for you because Mo Versi (VP of Product Management, HTC) just confirmed on Twitter that both the smartphones will begin receiving the much awaited upgrade, starting today. Although the OTA update package won't reach every phone at the same instance, it is only a matter of time before it does reach all the HTC One M8 and One M9 handsets that are on AT&T. If you are impatient, check right now to see if the update has arrived on your smartphone yet by going to Settings >About device > Check for updates.

Author: Saikat Kar (Tech-journalist and enthusiast)

A new report straight out of South Korea has indicated that Samsung will start pushing the mass production process for the Galaxy Note 7 in the next month. The target number for Samsung in July as well as August is 2.5 million, as per the report. So in theory, Samsung should have at least 5 million Galaxy Note 7 units ready to reach their consumers after it is released in late August or early September. Do not get confused though, the Note 7 will be unveiled on the 2nd of August as expected, but it usually takes a while before they are ready to ship the products for sale.

Early release has been part of Samsung's strategy this year and it has paid off well for the South Korean OEM. They did the same with the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, which saw amazing success and are still among the most sold flagship phones right now. In fact, Samsung had started with this strategy last year, when it launched the Note 5 in August, prior to the expected date in September, as that was when the Note 4 was released in 2014. The iPhone 7 is all set to be released in September and this might just be one of the reasons as to why Samsung is going to try and capture the market earlier than others.

Author: Saikat Kar (tech-enthusiast)

Just the last day, we heard about the September security updates from Samsung and Google are arriving on the S6 and S6 Edge and today we have similar good news for owners of the Galaxy A8. According to GSM Arena, A8 model number SM-A800F is now getting upgraded with the latest security patches by the September security update.

The 295MB patch includes fixes from Google against 66 bugs and security threats, along with a few of Samsung's own tweaks to further stabilize and secure the overlying TouchWiz UI. After downloading and installing the patch, your A8's Build Number should change to MMB29K.A800FXXU1BP12. Apart from bringing in multiple underlying improvements, the user should also be able to experience better voice calls, slightly improved battery life, efficient RAM management and an overall upgrade in terms of performance. If you have the same model as the one mentioned above, you should be prompted to update your Galaxy A8 soon, though it might take a while to arrive on each and every device.

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As expected, Samsung has decided to follow the same strategy as it did last year with the Galaxy S6-series. What this means is that just like the S6 range of smartphones had the option to download and beta test Android 6.0 Marshmallow on them, the S7-series will also enjoy the same beta-testing option this year with Android 7.0 Nougat. In fact, the beta version of the Nougat OS could be going live in the UK as you read this. Even though the source only reports the S7 Edge having the option, the S7 is also on the same list in all likelihood.

In order to sign up for the program, you will need to download and install the Galaxy Beta Program application from the Galaxy Apps Store and onto your S7/S7 Edge. Now you should see an option to enrol for the Nougat beta-testing in the app, but it isn't live yet and will probably go live only after Samsung makes it official. When the registration becomes available and you complete it, keep your fingers crossed because they will definitely not select everyone.


As we had reported earlier, Samsung will allow a limited number of S7 and S7 Edge users to experience Android Nougat 7.0 as beta testers before its official release on the two smartphones. Today we have official confirmation about the news and we have even been given an exact date. The beta testing will be available for eligible users to download, install and use from November 9. The testing will go on till the middle of the next month (mid-December), at the end of which, the final build of the OS might become ready for official release.

If you have not already, download the Galaxy Beta Programme application from Samsung's own Galaxy Apps Store. Fill out the application form necessary to apply as a beta tester for the OS and keep your fingers crossed! After this, the beta version will become available for you to download from November 9 as OTA updates, provided you are selected for the testing. If you are indeed selected, Samsung will accept suggestions and feedback from you in regard to your experience in using the build.

As of now, reports suggest that the beta testing in the UK is only available to the unlocked versions, while in the US, the option is available to the versions sold by T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint only. Strangely enough, the Olympic Edition and the Injustice Edition units of the S7 Edge will be left out of the programme.


Saikat Kar (tech-enthusiast)

According to a new report published by SamMobile, the much awaited final Nougat update could see the light of day, starting from January 17. The report was literally "retrieved" after converting the piece of information to Spanish from the original source, which was in Turkish. In order to make things easier for our readers who are not familiar with the language, here's a rough (very crude!) translation of what the text in the image means. Keep in mind that the oddities are a result of two machine translations across three different languages, therefore, some of the grammatical and spelling details might be totally off!

"71 = 1 E Translated from Turkish
.7 Dear Sir,
I've used SM is predicted G935F Go dolo of your device to be released as Android 7.0 updates. Of January of 17 of nougat.
Agreed with the competent authorities We would like to reject your comments
OB1. Mnoranuest, - lelas,
All your questions and problems. Ask us to report again.
Thank you for your interest in Samsung Electronics Turkey Customer Service"

The conclusions to be drawn from this garbled translation are the following facts:

1. The Android Nougat 7.0 update mentioned here, concerns the SM-G935F, which is the European variant of the Galaxy S7 Edge.
2. The rollout may start from January 17, at least in Europe.
3. As per the screenshot, the base Nougat version will be 7.0 and not 7.1.1, or at least not in Europe anyway!
4. Online translations can turn out to be pretty confusing!

In case you are not aware, there have been reports of a very limited number of S7 and S7 Edge smartphones receiving the update already, check it out here for more deatils.

Saikat Kar (tech-enthusiast)

After UAE, now Malaysia and France have begun to receive Samsung's Nougat 7.0 update for the Galaxy S7 Edge. Compared to the speed at which Samsung was rolling Marshmallow to the Galaxy S6 line-up in 2016, it has been admittedly faster this year. In France, Orange (local carrier) was reported to roll out the OTA update to the S7 Edges, starting from 25th January. Unfortunately, the regular Galaxy S7 has not been so lucky in these regions so far.

You can always check manually from the About device section of your phone to see if the update has arrived on your phone. In case it hasn't arrived yet, don't worry as these updates are rolled out in batches and that's why it often takes a bit of time before reaching every eligible handset. However, if you are impatient, then check our firmware section to find the right files for your version of the S7 Edge. If you are new to this, do check the tutorial as well before flashing the ROM files though.

Saikat Kar (tech-enthusiast)

The Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy Tab 3 from Samsung may be old, but they have not yet been forgotten. While an OS upgrade to even Lollipop is not exactly on the cards (at least not officially that is) for the two aged devices, T-Mobile is currently rolling out the latest February security patch to them. It is always good to see carriers and OEMs remembering their old devices once in a while.

If you are still using any of the two legacy devices on T-Mobile, the OTA update should hit your phone or tablet any time now. Firmware version M919UVSFQA1 comes in for the Galaxy S4, while the Galaxy Tab 3 gets updated to T217TUVSBQA1.

In the meanwhile, if you have an old smartphone that you want to update but Samsung isn't really likely to roll one out for you anytime soon, head over to our firmware section for a wide list of custom ROM updates.

Saikat Kar (tech-enthusiast)

The February security patch has been reaching Samsung handsets pretty fast and the company has shipped them out to even some of the ancient ones, like the Galaxy S4 on T-Mobile. The Galaxy A8 and the Galaxy J5 (2016) has just started to receive the monthly patch as well. The firmware version released this month for the A8 and the J5 (2016) is A810FXXU1AQA2 and J510MNUBU2AQA5 respectively. The J5 Prime and the J7 Prime had already received the update a few days ago. As always, feel free to cheek from Settings > About device > System updates for the OTA file, if you haven't received a notification yet.

In the meanwhile, if you have a smartphone that had received its last official update ages ago, check out our firmware section for all firmware versions released for Samsung smartphones. You will find custom ROMs and official updates over there, but before you try to flash anything onto your phone manually, just go through our tutorial on how to use Odin3.

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It has been a few days now since Samsung first began updating the Galaxy S8 and S8+ with the final Android 8.0 Oreo version in India, Poland and France, but those updates were only reserved for the Galaxy Beta users. As expected though, the same update has now also started to roll out for the regular users who did not sign up for the Beta program.

This time the list is quite expansive as SamMobile earlier confirmed the fact that the update is seeing release in India, UAE, Turkey, Belgium Norway and Germany. This isn't necessarily a complete list though, because it is perfectly possible for you to receive Android 8.0 Oreo even if your region was not mentioned here. In fact, by the time you are reading this, we are pretty sure that a few other countries are also seeing the update rolled out to S8 and S8+ users. Just in case you are wondering, the firmware version remains G950FXXU1CRAP/G955FXXU1CRAP for the Galaxy S8/S8+, just as it was for the beta testers.

In the meanwhile, check out our firmware section to find all the latest updates for your Samsung smartphones and tablets.

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